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  1. tommy c

    Eastenders Blue glass £10 rom set

    The reo product version are terrible,there is a set that is v9.1 these have just been a continuous update from the £6 rom set upwards they streak and play really good. The reo version for all maygay machines are terrible.
  2. tommy c

    BFM Big Deal

    Thanks for this clo.
  3. tommy c

    Monopoly Moneybags (2 Flavours) S5

    Many thanks for this clo.
  4. tommy c

    Global - Cash Strike

    Thanks clo great work as always.
  5. tommy c

    Up and Under

    Cheers for this Andy.
  6. tommy c

    BFM - Club Premier

    Thanks very much for this clo.
  7. tommy c

    Monopoly In A Spin Uhd Wdx

    Lol class not been on the forums for an age so catching up.
  8. tommy c

    Global - Hi Spirits Club

    Thanks for this one.
  9. tommy c

    CTL golden 2's ROMs

    Stunning work again frig
  10. tommy c

    JPM Impact repairs

    Very impressive thread,and i see top quality work as per,great stuff.You should make your own business out of making these boards,the way things are going there will be classic arcades opening all over the country,people are slowly realising these new shite machines pay naff all and give 0 entertainment.
  11. tommy c

    Maygay's Jet Stream £4.80 Classic

    Thanks for this one.
  12. tommy c

    CTL golden 2's ROMs

    Many thanks.
  13. tommy c

    Original Tuppenny Nudger and No Limit Nudge

    I had one sold it on a year or so ago,great game.
  14. tommy c

    Double Top - JPM (SRU)

    Excellent drawing skills shown again here many thanks for this.
  15. tommy c

    Spice Is Right mpu5

    Yeah will default to factory settings.