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  1. Cheers Vecs haven`t seen this machine before look forward to playing at the weekend 👍.
  2. That’s right I remember you went down the stairs and they had lots of pinballs and pool tables and a juke box.There used to be a lot of mods that used to hang around in there, as to the shooting gallery I have no idea what happened to it.
  3. That’s interesting I spoke to Jimmy and James not so long ago they have just invested and made an Agc which opens out to the high street and he said they we’re going to have new frontage after all these years. we we’re discussing how long the frontage that is there now has been up. Are you from the Rhyl area @CanonManI worked at The Palace arcade for 15yrs and then at Les Harker’s for 15yrs.
  4. Was just asking as Jimmy Parker was the owner of verns and queens before he sold them to the council so they can get demolished and far as I know shop’s etc are getting built instead.
  5. I believe the bright spot is staying just verns and queens are getting demolished.
  6. Dirty verns is an old arcade in Rhyl they had a Rat Race there for years.
  7. Got to be Rat Race Dirty Vern`s Version 😉.
  8. loads are dumping cat D now as they dont want the issues it may bring asking someone "Are you 18" Can’t see us getting rid of them we only get rid of machines when it costs to much to repair so anything that costs more than £100 goes in the bin 😂you know what I mean Ian 😂.To be honest it’s a shame it will kill low stake machine’s perhaps the answer may have been to go backwards to more 2p and 5p fruit machines like back in the 80s/90s and token machines. We get punished while internet gambling thrives every advert on daytime television has a bingo advertisement and then after 9pm it’
  9. @instance automatics Thanks Ian sounds as if we are going to have fun with this new law cant see us getting rid of our cat d machines though.
  10. Hi Ian or Anyone else just wondering if you have any info on the above, I don`t really deal with this sort of stuff but do you know if Cat D machines will have to be in a designated area like the Cat C machines or is it just a case of putting a Over 18s sticker on the machines and does anyone know how other company`s are dealing with this issue.
  11. Here is a old school 2p £2 jackpot machine by bwb called Fruit swop it`s dad is called Fruit King and mum is called Lucky Lady . This was created from images taken from you tube videos couldn`t find any decent pictures and hasn`t turned out to bad considering my photo shop skills are very basic. Thanks go to the following people @A:E for use of his Lucky lady Cabinet/Reel symbols. @Louie Bee for roms over at Mecca. @stevelancett for his you tube videos of this machine. @Big J for playtest. And last but the most important thank you of all goes to @Wizard for
  12. Oops my mistake I did mean bars of gold. Must be the ☕️😂
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