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  1. stanmarsh14

    Indiana Jones - Oh god I’ve lost him.

    Whilst I don't have the actual manual for it, I do happen to have several doc's on the JPM Impact system, that certainly hardware wise, will be enough to get you to where you want to be if that is any good? JPM Impact v1 And v3 Tech Manuals.zip JPM Impact Vogue Short Tech Manual.zip
  2. stanmarsh14

    Popeye (Sys5, JPM) all cash / IOM roms

    Bingo! We have a winner..... ta bud
  3. stanmarsh14

    Popeye (Sys5, JPM) all cash / IOM roms

    Greetings folks. Been asked to help out with this project for a chap other side of Derby to me. Now issue is, needing all cash / IOM roms for this, especially the £6JP / 20p one. Have looked on site and my own repo, but don't have this particular rom set, so can anyone help out?
  4. stanmarsh14

    Mazooma Crazy World ROMs

    I sure did.Had some folks contact me on FB, asking for various resources, so here is the current situ....Yes, I did dump the roms, but as some know, machine was scraped due to loom rot. Far as I can remember, I did save the door as one lump, but I think the reels was too far gone, but will check for those.. Whatever remains, will be up in the loft somewhere, so will need some time on this.
  5. stanmarsh14

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    Score one for the good guys! Nice work bud.
  6. stanmarsh14

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    That to me suggests it comes with a mech, so time to hang the cunt out to dry!
  7. Hi. How do I get a chuzzy manuel for dip switch settings on a bar x 10. Any help would be greatly accepted. 🙂

  8. stanmarsh14

    Bell Fruit closing

    Sad day indeed. Just been on to my RAT FB group, and one of our members over in Bristol, mentioned some of the R&D folks have already joined SG's.
  9. stanmarsh14

    Need some roms burning please

    LOL, I recognise the writing, as I did those. I believe I still have the same files here from last time, but not 100% if I have any spare blank ROMS. Are they the 27c4001's?
  10. Not that I know of (Certainly never seen one), but quite a few (Not all, especially some of the Crystal Rebuilds..... I know some use a strange export style cards on v3), are comparable on both v1 and v3.
  11. Impact is generally a solid tech to go with, with just the battery on the Processor card poss causing issues (Sometimes the PSU can give strange issues, like series 90 / stake / prize key faults, but is rare), however as a preventive measure if it's all working, just wire the battery off the board, so if worse case it leaks, it will not wipe out owt vital. Also worth taking a look at the attached tech guides..... though not for this actual machine, they are still very useful as a guide to the JPM Impact system. One last thing, because Impact PSU's use a massive Toroidal style Transformer which surges a bit on power up, use a 5amp fuse in the plug, not a 3. JPM Impact v1 And v3 Tech Manuals.zip JPM Impact Club Dip JP - PPP settings.zip JPM Impact Vogue Short Tech Manual.zip
  12. stanmarsh14

    Thanks to matrixnetuk for this awesome gift

    Less plastic than Elegance, so generally prefer these.
  13. stanmarsh14

    Thanks to matrixnetuk for this awesome gift

    This and the BWB collab, was the only ones in this style cab.... all the rest, went in to the Elegance style cab, like Homers Mealtdown etc.
  14. stanmarsh14

    ROM files required (please)

    Yep, got 1.5, so Ta for Tony's help