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  1. Many thanks for the new emulator.
  2. Looks pretty good, can't wait to play on this (and the awaited v19)
  3. Really nice job, well done on sorting out that cab - done similar a few years ago on a cab when I had machines, bottom was all shot and had to rebuild the bottom from scratch.
  4. Very nice indeed. Many thanks.
  5. Unfortunately no - psu blew in the end and then was sold to another member on here quite a while back.
  6. I better put my appoligies in for the things i have said, it was at the spur of the moment and due to a pm i recived (to who i know it was - an ex from my past sturring things up 4 me) hence why i put my comments on b4 he even had chance to put anything himself - anyway ur all invited too the wedding - havn't set a defo. date yet as only had this sprung on me on my b'day last month which was a shock but had head up arse with work and other things as of recent - hence why i most likly misinterpretated things and just went off on 1. So, i'm trully sorry to every1 and hope i didn't offend any1.
  7. clear out nearly done.....

  8. would have done a swap for fiesta
  9. Battery is fine it's a greeny which is a bonus nowadays with most machines, board is fine and machine is other than that 2 issues working order. Vid will be in video section in a few mins.
  10. Well saves me emailing a pic 2 u and u'll get help on here over it i'm sure, just with one thing and another havn't had the time to sort it out.
  11. nearly there......

  12. getting there slowly....

  13. No problems this end getting on site
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