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  1. paulypj

    Mars MS111

    my Mars ME115TS coin mech randomly locks out 20p's, and sometimes accepts 5p's without registering part credit... Is this a common fault? Its being like it for years, and all i do is pull the machine out, open the back door, wiggle the mech about, re-try and it works fine again. Its a pain having to keep pulling the machine about to get to the rear door so wondered if anyone could help me narrow down the problem once and for all! Thx
  2. I got some clear plastic tubes, only about a foot long, but once dropped inside an old style 10p tube you can drop new 10ps into it and they stack up nicely (for a foots length of 10ps anyway, unless you tape 2 of these tubes together i guess)... I'm also talking solenoid payout system... I think i sent one to Vinnie to try out for me in his machine...ages ago...
  3. will it be as straight forward to emulate as say an mpu3 machine?
  4. never heard of it/them.... so its not mpu4 or jpm impact or anything?
  5. what system is this machine on does anyone know?
  6. I dont think he would let me post his precious chip to a stranger...if i take it to my local games machine supplier they do it whist i wait... Id like to emulate it anyways, just for fun ....
  7. not sure, i will let u know soon
  8. i might have to take it to SE leisure and get them to do it (they charge £10 per chip copied + email the data from the chip)...if i do this when i get paid i will try and emulate the machine for u lot (like i did my 'cashino deluxe' ) I am a beginner at this tho.....
  9. well i will ask him....who can make a back up for him/me and put the data onto pc from it?
  10. sounds good mate. My girlfriend thinks im a bit nerdy, but i love all this kinda stuff....(and she did let me put my 'Thriller' jpm machine in the bedroom ) I will look forward to this guide.. cheers PS how are ya mate (i aint been on here for a while...)
  11. does anyone know anything about this project machine called 'Beat the warden' (as in traffic warden)??? I will try and get pics.... a family friend has just bought it, but dont know what system the machine is based on..
  12. sorry i saw the word 'cashino' and got excited as i have the P.C.P Cashino machine and thought someone else may have the same machine but no..... (sorry) lol
  13. removed game card from motherboard and re-inserted it and it now doesnt lock out 10p's weird, but it ok now.
  14. well the thing is the level sensor switches are not working (they havent since i got the machine) They always show £1 low, 20p low ,10ptoken none, 20p tokens none. Ideally id like them working too. still doesnt explain the fault with mine. It did it a few times before but with 5p coins. The cure was to remove the program board from the motherboard and re insert it and switch on.... thing is i didnt want to reset the game really....looks like i may have to..
  15. ok...........(do be do be do...)
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