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  1. nice work alan spot on forgot i had this blackbox to
  2. That's mine in the garage Ron lol think there was 2 there at the raid there carfields
  3. Got another 4 I think Alan will sort soon as
  4. in response to you i would like to put you straight on thr facts of this subject and anyone else reading it as i am the person who knows what actually happened on this said raid i was contacted by the said owner of these machines privately who i incidently did not know. he enquired as to how to find a way to get rid of said machines as he had very little interest in them and just wanted rid of them. after much discussions regarding how much he could make out of so many machines if sold correctly he said he didnt want to waste time as he needed the space urgently. i then had to hurry and arra
  5. change machine up and running http://youtu.be/-AZzwa-J0EA
  6. bell fruit crackerjack all up and running now just a bit off work to do on it http://youtu.be/kUY5lRQVl3A
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