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  1. Thanks Digby, it's not got a sorter, I'm not going to get near it for 2 weeks as on hols from friday, it's a lotto machine in a bowling club, they asked me to look at it for them
  2. I did john, it looks a bit cruddy (ordered a new one) but it was keeping a charge. This machine is on 24-7! Cheers Ronnie
  3. No sorry not had a chance to travel to the club, hope to later in the week, will report back
  4. Thanks for the detailed help, this scorp 4 has no dongle, it's a club cops robbers platinum, the mpu was swapped and 9c went away but came back on a later reboot, it hangs on error 9c for 20 mins then clears and plays normal? Thanks Ronnie
  5. Yeah I'm not sure tbh! further it's a front reject mech so might not be a simple swap, it's 14 miles away in a bowling club, will take a few along to try inc a yellow one on old pound to see if it at least goes green Thanks Ronnie
  6. Hey all, can a yellow multi protocol mech be replaced with the orange DFX mech? it's not a fruity it's a lotto card type vending machine, it no longer takes coins and the LED is red instead of geen! It's green on power up but then goes red Cheers Ronnie
  7. Thanks cannonman, yet to test this board. I'm still trying to resolve mpu error 9c on another machine! it mostly clears after 20 mins, swapping mpu cleared it briefly but came back. thinking problem lies on game card as it has a battery, but it reads good 2.8v off the board. Cheers Ronnie
  8. Thanks Matty, I have changed both of them that I removed from a scrap board, some of the boards have resistors piggy backed to these chips other don't, not tested the board yet but it has no signs of battery spill so hopefully it will be good now, this board had no added resistors. Cheers Ronnie
  9. Lol, cheers John I guess whatever red and green you can spare?
  10. Hmmm! colours they are always handy John if you can spare a few!
  11. Cheers John, they are for an op friend, just ordered him a load from stemik on ebay, but thanks for the offer mate Ronnie
  12. Where is the cheapest to buy 5mm wedge bulbs> cheapest I found is £14 for x 100 on ebay elsewhere seemed dearer Thanks Ronnie
  13. Hi guys, got a scorp 4 stuck on full volume! I know there are 2 electronic potentiometer chips near the battery, do both need changed or is one for up other for down? Cheers Ronnie
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