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  1. netdent

    Bell fruit main board

    Cheers Nick, I have some red mps reel units, if I remeber right the loom plugs into each reel?
  2. netdent

    Bell fruit main board

    No worries Stef, I have a set from sys5 clubber, think they are red! but might be blue lol
  3. netdent

    Bell fruit main board

    Are the reels same as sys5 Steff?
  4. netdent

    Bell fruit main board

    That does not look too bad Joe, I had a far worse sys83 that lived again, but then I had Wizard to help😢
  5. netdent

    SRU glasses

    I thought about Ian Stef but what will it cost
  6. netdent

    SRU glasses

    No glasses appeares as yet, but good to know, thanks
  7. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Thanks all, Happy to say I powered it up this morning and it fully booted no probllem! A few snagging issues at first! Middle hold bulb out (fixed) Nudge up switch U/S (fixed) Gamble lamps in wrong holders (fixed) Credit display sporadic! Now this gave me a hard time! It would work if you wiggled the plug, so I removed it and resoldered the cracked pins (should have checked before fitting it) After I fitted it back it was dead! Removed it again checked everything all was fine but it was only getting 2.8 volts! That's not right! Should be 12 volts,traced it back to the facra and sure enough a wire broke of, must have been when I removed it first time! So now it's fully working but lots still to do! Fit vinyl and t-mould to both sides cut new cash box door cut new cash box inner door and get piano hinge put new rubber on foot rest (thanks Mike) I will post lots of pics when completed along with my reflections on the project Cheers Ronnie
  8. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    the proper speaker was 0.5 watt so guessing the amp is putting out less than that, good point tho I might double it up
  9. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    The bezel is taking some time! I ended up going to Halfords and bought some BMW metalic paint, maybe not perfect match but it will need to do! Some imperfections after the laquer but I'm going to machine polish it once the laquer has hardened. Thanks to Mike for the rubber for the foot rest and Nick for the speaker housing. On the speaker the one I had was correct at 35 ohms but did not fit the enclosure! So i found one that fitted inside in a tesco dab radio, it is 8 ohm but I added in a 22 ohm resistor making it 30 ohms, this may reduce the volume time will tell. The speaker fitted but I could not get the back on the case so I cut a piece of white plastic the same shape to form a new back, So that's now fitted.
  10. netdent

    Sru reel bezel paint match?

    Anyone know a good match for the sru bezel? It's black with metal flecks in, I tried Honda Nighthawk but it has no fleck in it! Cheers Ronnie
  11. netdent

    Mpu 3 power supply prob

    It could be one of the large diodes bottom right of mpu or one of the regulator transistors on the small board behind the mpu? Ronnie
  12. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Have I Mike? I don't remember lol, I will shoot you a pm cheers
  13. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    If you have a spare bit Mike happy to buy it from you rather than buying more than I need Cheers Ronnie
  14. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    It's coming along nicely! I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel, I have ran out of shiny new screws, so waiting on those. All the wiring is back, I'm at the stage now where I need to finnish the reel bezel, waiting on primer and pearlesant pain for that. Need to rebuild the payslides will probably use others I have spare, I still need to get the rubber for the foot rest, looks like I will need to buy a square meter @ 15 quid. The reel glass is being replaced with nos one, so have removed the lamp masks I will clean and paint those before sticking to new glass. Still loads to do but it's starting to look like a fruit machine again
  15. netdent

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    Just picking away at this! got some wires in and the psu cleaned up a bit. Just a couple more wires to go! Cheers Nick for the pics