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  1. hitthesix

    Classic old fruit machine images

    Random images of oldie fruit machines
  2. hitthesix

    Global - Cash Strike

    Nice classic, many thanks for the release.
  3. hitthesix

    Eastenders blue awp £6 roms?

    Here you go fella. queen vic.zip
  4. hitthesix

    Eastenders blue awp £6 roms?

    Only ones i have close to that is a rom for 10p/ £5 cash(for red 7's) and £8 tokens(jackpot)
  5. hitthesix

    Eastenders blue awp £6 roms?

    here you go fella, hope this is what you need, 20p £6 token i think sounds included eastenders blue roms.zip
  6. hitthesix

    W Nudge

    Y.w mate, fingers crossed you can get her up and running. .
  7. hitthesix

    W Nudge

    Here is a little video of the classic i made of this a few years ago.
  8. hitthesix

    Popeye (Sys5, JPM) all cash / IOM roms

    This is all the roms i have , not too sure if the iom ones are in there. Popeye [Rom].zip
  9. hitthesix

    Up and Under

    That's the image i sent to andy. the very one i purchased from you a few years ago. ☺️ thanks for the release andy.,
  10. hitthesix

    Wild Hold DX - MMM - Maygay

    Brilliant dx dave, many thanks mate.
  11. hitthesix

    Sidewinder (ACE Video) DX

    Wow!!!!! thanks for this , it looks brilliant.
  12. hitthesix

    It's a crazy world classic

    Thanks to player for the roms, stanmarsh for the sounds set on 25p with the jackpot at £10 this is qps/mazoomas first ever machine on sc4 tech vectra 666 for the help/ fault finding/testing and to wizard for the fault finding, and of course for his amazing emulator. usual shortcuts apply, you should know them by no CRAZY world.zip
  13. hitthesix

    4.9 NO JPOT KEY error on Volcano

    If you would like to send me the layout over, i will have a look.
  14. hitthesix

    Super Bear X

    Nice classic andy, many thanks.
  15. hitthesix

    Bullion bars

    I am sure i posted this morning, but for some reason my post has gone. anyhow i had a look to see if i could find the roms, but !!!! no joy. sorry doh!!!! i just spotted the other post. oh!! i am such a knob.