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  1. Will it be substantially different to this project? http://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/51236-fmedb/?hl=fmedb
  2. I can't even get the site to load at the moment.
  3. You forgot the link for FE: http://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/
  4. You've missed the consultation process: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/specification-of-the-new-one-pound-coin
  5. Posting is reeanabled at fruit-emu Nick. When you have a moment please can you post this over there as well, many thanks. And happy birthday as well
  6. That would be a shame - it looks like under the dust it's probably in fairly good condition? Still as you say, needs must. You're very unlikely to find the right set of reels for it.
  7. I'm currently mulling over the option to upgrade to the latest version of site software for FMS - demo site here: http://www.phpprobid.com/demo - as it's a complete ground upwards rebuild I will have to spend money on it as well as a considerable amount of time which I no longer have much of these days. As no one really uses the site anyway, and considering the ongoing issues with Gambling Commission scrutiny, I'm not really minded to do so at this time. Thoughts and comment welcome.
  8. Sorry Martin, don't think I have any of these left. But I will have a look this evening if I find time. EDIT: Found some, my mistake! Send me a PM mate.
  9. Looks like the board manufacturer name is "Nutt and Muddle and sons". Lol!
  10. You saved me writing out almost exactly the same post Nick!
  11. aaamusements


    Going to give the OP the benefit of the doubt here myself, on the assumption that the multi-posting issue was due to the SQL issue that the server had today...
  12. No Ann, as John has already said there is no criminal offence committed by owning and playing on your own fruit machine. It's also legal to buy them. Selling them... Well that's a completely different subject!
  13. First bit is probably true, to be fair. Second bit - if you are part of the Gambling Commission, then I'm Pelé.
  14. As suggested, meter the earth from the refill barrel to the earth pin of the plug. Might be an idea to check earth integrity of the socket/s as well. You can get a plug that you put in a socket that tests for any faults with no special test equipment. Not too expensive. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/mains-socket-tester-wd53h
  15. Are you ill? Seriously mate this is very concerning to hear...
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