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  1. Could not resist getting these for the machine carrying beast. unfortunately 74 will not be out for another four years and even then would have to be fitted to a brand new car so settled for my birthday year.
  2. Without being too picky, regardless of it's rarity it's not exactly in mint condition. If you look around the main glass, it is flaking all around the outer edges on both panels. I would want to fully inspect it's interior condition too before parting with that much cash.
  3. Anyone looking for a Brenco machine to collect? This has been around on auction for the umpteenth time at the same £495 start price. Maybe the seller would take an offer now it's not selling? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284367792652?hash=item4235a42a0c:g:bD8AAOSwQndgJvYZ
  4. I clean the dirty red grey cam shaft and grey cam switch holder with a good degreasing detergent and warm water and a small paint brush to get in the awkward places. The rest of the metal work I clean with Autosol. Once everything cleaned you can add a very small amount of grease into the gearbox aperture if required as they don't usually require attention. Now really just re-build the unit in reverse. make sure the cam switches are fully seated in their holder when securing their clamps. The bottom securing rod and nuts are adjustable by a few mm so if needed you can move the whole rack of switches either nearer to the cams or away to correct their operation
  5. Once everything is apart you should have the unit looking like this in small and lager version shown. NOTE.... An important point to remember is the main timer control cam shaft with it's red and grey cams are all set in degrees of operation which is crucial to the running of the machine. you must ensure that none of them are altered or moved in any direction or the result will be cam switches being operated in the wrong order or not at all. normally these cams are tight fitted and do need some force to move them but still treat with caution. The red and grey cams are set together in degrees around the shaft to make dwells in the cam of which the roller of the cam switch will run in and back out only one time, in turn this will activate the cam switch. A single red cam does exactly the same but usually to operate a switch more than once during the game cycle.
  6. Disconnect the motor from the gearbox by removing the spring clip across the back of the motor. the gearbox is held to the timer side plate by two small screws either side of gearbox but leave for now as it's still connected to the main timer cam shaft. Remove the far end plate away from motor by the three securing nuts on the rod clamps.pic 2 You can now remove the main cam shaft by releasing the hex nut securing it to the gearbox shaft.pic 3 disconnect the motor end plate via three locking nuts and disconnect the gearbox from the side plate by removing the two small screws. the grey cam switch holders can now be slid along and off the three securing rods.
  7. Next, look at the underside of the timer and you will see the clamps that hold the cam switches in position. held by a screw, when the clamp is released the cam switch still wired can be removed from the holder. pic 1. Once all switches are removed there will only be the motor wiring holding the unit to the main loom. As it only has two wires and connectors abut 4 inches along it too can be disconnected from the loom but check wiring match and should look similar to pic 2. As all the switch wiring is in order in the loom it will also keep the switches in order so they can't get mixed up.
  8. Here is a guide into stripping, cleaning a BF timer, this is the same for all the main grey covered timers. As in all clean ups and restores, I recommend that you take pictures of everything before and during any work so you have reference if things get a bit Pete Tong.😁 Remove the complete main control panel from the machine and Select the timer you want to clean and remove it from the main panel, usually by four bolts, two either end but not unusual to find just two. I'm using a small timer for some references but this applies to any of the larger versions too as the timer you may want to service could be the size in first picture. Disconnected from the panel The timer is still held by all the cam switch and motor loom wiring. You do NOT need to take all the wires off the switches, leave them all connected. However, due to age and getting very brittle. if there are any wiring spade connectors loose or come away easily, they need replacing with new spade connectors and suggest this is done now before moving on or it could result in many loose wires and unless you know exactly where they came from then expect problem faults after rebuilding the unit. The second picture shows the worst possible timer with connector problems. at the time this picture was taken the only original connectors are the white, all the blue and red connectors are replacements. All these connections must be tight to ensure good contact with the switch and for the game to operate as it should. Loose cam switch connections are just about the main culprit in many electro faults today so do check to see if All your machines timer switch connections are secure.
  9. Yes, No problem. I will put up a post on the timer servicing.
  10. You can see why it gets mistaken for an MPU machine. All advertised within a couple of months of each other in 79...
  11. Yes completely E/M here is a view in the back of one.
  12. Back on again.. It was an original JPM pub AWP https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274861218840?hash=item3fff015c18:g:oUcAAOSwV6Bg55K2
  13. Has a nudge fault but an easy fix on a very cheap machine auction start.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274860690647?hash=item3ffef94cd7:g:sbEAAOSwDnBg5vlY
  14. Instone & Ashby.....1975
  15. Anyone else after these so we not bidding against each other? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164931476273?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1431.l2649
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