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  1. AET Coinworld advert from 1993.
  2. Jackpot club electro from Bell Fruit. This very nice example is one of the last club electro machines, Much like the tall cabinets of Hot Dog and Pussy Cat, This machines cabinet is crammed with the same hardware. Although no nudges it has the gamble/ half gamble and does have a feature if the double button is lit the player has a chance to double win but can't lose original win if pressed.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265159674969?hash=item3dbcbf8c59:g:8GIAAOSwJZpgnimV
  3. The Mint schematic plus manual pages https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?app=downloads&module=downloads&controller=view&id=775
  4. And a defibrillator😁 On Lucky Twos, the hold available lamp circuit 6.5v starts at Cam switch 1 on main timer from there it goes to the base of the credit relay only when activated allows the circuit to continue to the base of the Anti hold relay which also has to be activated to allow the circuit to reach the hold available lamp. the 0v is linked to the insert coin lamp and to all the other 6.5v lamps. If the insert coin lamp is working will eliminate CS1 as it supplies this lamp from the same spade connector as to the hold available.
  5. Definitely not a false memory as the machine would be Ultimate Nudge from Summit Coin Circa 1982. I had one in my garage many years ago now and it moved up to Scotland.
  6. JPM electro machine wipers design stand a better chance of working and used on the up and down Pool Play conversion. But like BF they were really still designed to run in one direction and did tend to wear out more quickly than the arm with end stud used on BF wipers.
  7. I think I'm correct in saying the only Bell Fruit machines that have reverse nudge are MPU controlled. The electro games with reverse nudge were conversions by other companies.
  8. I looked at a ADMC up and down nudger a few years ago now and the wipers were a mess, worn out and bent but not only were the wipers damaged but the studs too.
  9. With the price electro machines are achieving these days that price is about average now. Just sounds like it needs a collector to give it plenty of tlc, the reels etc probably have never been serviced since the conversion but with a good restoration will run as they should. Like above my only worry would be the condition of the reel drum wipers, A part that can be replaced providing you have or find spares in better condition to replace them with.
  10. It's electro, I have a schematic for one of Nobles machines fitted with nudge up and shows a second motor activated by a relay so, to get the nudge up they have to fit reels with a double motor similar to this one used by ADMC on their nudge up machine conversions.
  11. Moonraker. One of the many Nobles electro conversion using a Bell Fruit base machine. this one circa 1979. Although the reverse nudge was a great addition to the games, the design of the electro reels was not exactly suitable. First the wipers were set and angled to run in a forward direction so forcing them in reverse would cause the end of the wiper blade to catch on the studs resulting on the wiper bouncing over the stud or the worst scenario was the blade bending back over itself. Add to the problem of reel slip on the reverse nudge, If you look at the reel stop cut outs on the r
  12. Like most of those JPM style cabinets, It should have this mains switch and fuse box cover on the back door
  13. This is an early 70s Baker & Cooper electro, A split in 1973 saw Baker form another company, Sarmtern. This one has been in serious damp conditions so recommend a look at the inside the machine before even considering parting with that much cash.
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