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  1. Correct in identifying the machine as here is a picture but good luck finding the cabinet.
  2. Check the voltages from the switch mode power supply (usually silver or black) which is inside the big caged power supply in the bottom shelf. They have a habit of giving up and they supply the voltages to the MPU. The loss of the +5 volts is the most common cause.
  3. I could not find the screw in type when needed them and actually had a few 60v bayonet so changed the holders to fit them and worked no problem. these available now, try this one is better.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MES-Miniature-Edison-Screw-Bulb-10mm-E10-6v-12v-50v-60v/254563710534?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=554279335877&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. Those 4.8v bulbs are actually 48volts as Ten Up uses a mixture of both those and 6.3v The 48v or 50v as that is the supply to them were an experiment by BF that was only used in a couple of models in the start and hold bulbs before going back to all 6.3v
  5. Nobles bought many of the Bell Fruit electro's to use as base machines for their conversions. Many of them were this style of cabinet.
  6. Patch Work is the £1 token upgrade of the 50p token 1977 released Colour Match.
  7. I would say it was the time when machines changed from tokens to all cash. Removing Token or A.W.P. Amusement With Prize replacing them with category machines were the death of fruit machines as I knew them.
  8. Just flyer for Cash Climber and an advert for Instant Replay which was 82?
  9. Cash n Carry advert from 1983 as were these two Barcrests.
  10. BF74

    Two Step

    No problem Mike, The timer shown is wired to minimum so really that is the least you want to have wired but I start generously with more studs than shown connected and if too much payout then reduce to the level that suits you. Electro's holds and nudges are the feature of their games and they need them working well to return great game play.
  11. BF74

    Two Step

    That blue/black wire should be to one side of the 50p lockout coil, check that it still has a 10p tube switch to operate the coil too. Hold nudge timer butchered as usual for the minimum % control on electro's The centre green wire is the 50v input circuit wire and connects to the inner ring of the board. The White/Orange should be the output wire to the holds and wired and linked to random studs down the right hand side of board. The White/Brown should be the output wire to the nudges and wired and linked to random studs down the left hand side of the board The board
  12. Here is the VFS company profile interview, also in 1984..
  13. A good seated relay is always hard to remove and any corrosion makes them feel clamped so, When trying to pull them out You can rotate them slightly at the same time which helps to release them. I suggest before starting and during any strip down to take loads of pictures (especially switch wiring) so any worries and you have great references. Not only that it gives you a before and after to show off your work.🙂
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