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  1. BF74

    ACE Electro For Auction

    A generic style cabinet used by a number of manufacturers at that time including JPM. From 1968, The most popular of ACE electro machines from that era, Monte Carlo then it's upgraded version Super Monte Carlo would have been as common in late 60s as Nudge Gambler was in late 70s
  2. BF74

    electro on ebay

    Cash Drop, Advertised as Bell Fruit but from MAM INN Play, They were very much like Associated Leisure in their early days. Both operating and building their own machines. Early build on 2.5p play and 20p cash payout. A light up heads or tails feature to decide if hold is offered, Whether this is for any hold or after win I can't see any information....
  3. BF74

    Chico the bandit

    July 1993...
  4. BF74

    Chico the bandit

    may 1993
  5. BF74

    Old truckstop photo

    The machine is Master Gambler from A.L. Games 1980...
  6. BF74

    Old step a nudge

    A independent operator/company conversion on the original Bell Fruits electro mechanical Nudge Gambler, No game difference apart from the changed main reel glass and reel bands to match but notice as a cost save they have left the top plaque from the original NG game with BFs logo.. 5p play and would have started as 50p cash £1 tokens but looking at the token mech blanked off expect the conversion to be all cash payout.
  7. BF74

    First JPM.

    If it's this machine then yes. Super Multiplier club electro from JPM in 1973.. This is an interesting machine. Although they brought out a previous rebuild it's JPMs own first club machine from their factory. Random holds and a gamble feature of treble, double, even or nothing. The gamble was available on ALL wins. An added feature are the flashing neon lamps on yellow panel. If the the player gets three jokers on win line then a number of different win values are offered so depends on which is lit when stops.. 5p play and does have a 50p change mech for 10 x 5p coins which was a good move to stop 10p tube starvation plus the player was more likely to play all the 5p coins back into the machine.
  8. BF74

    triple hold on ebay

    Afraid so, the best that could be improved on what they called originally "Hold and draw" which was the basic hold on symbols to gain a possible win. Before the many 1p decimal upgrades and conversions, Original machines were all cash in and tokens out, Cash in was 2 shillings and sixpence ( 12.5p) shilling ( 5p) or sixpence (2.5p) with 6d tokens on payout which is why many of the the win plans from that era show number of coins paid out and not value.
  9. BF74

    triple hold on ebay

    First built by ACE in 1968 so a 52 year old cabinet now.😁
  10. BF74

    triple hold on ebay

    Triple Hold, Housed in an ACE cabinet this is someone's conversion most probably on Super Monte Carlo as the payout cup is on the left side whereas it's predecessor, Monte Carlo the payout cup was sited on the right hand side of the cabinet. The reels are still from that machine but some subtle changes to the win plan includes removing the two matching symbols with bar win line and reducing the three Oranges from 10p to 8p. This I would say is to control the % payout allow the added extra holds feature, The decal of which is situated where the original manufacturer ACE had their own logo. 1p play so 10p/5p coins in for change to 1p coins rather than the previous tokens....
  11. BF74

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Just those scans I took at the time Dan.
  12. BF74


    Some information about Fruitman. It appears the company that imported the machines still exists today. https://www.jvhgaming.com/en/page/about-jvh/facts-figures.html
  13. BF74

    ebay machine

    This cheaper electro did not sell first time around. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-fruit-machine-1976-with-paperwork/303733349709?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  14. BF74

    ebay machine

    A independent operator conversion on Bell Fruits Nudge Gambler, No game difference apart from the changed main reel glass and reel bands to match but notice as a cost save they have left the top plaque from the original NG game.
  15. BF74

    PTL System 80