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  1. stonyat421

    Mpu 4 issue...

    glad you got it sorted mate maybe it just needed a ram clear 😁
  2. stonyat421

    my grail ..after all this time is secured .

    not seen ,any of these about rich does this mean you actually have your own machine now 😉
  3. stonyat421

    fruit machine

    just a update on this not been able to find any original parts for this so looks like its a andrew special to get this up and running again as a temp fix
  4. stonyat421

    Mpu 4 issue...

    you say in test mode the machine pays out all coins so there must be power to the 50p solenoid have you tried another mpu4 board
  5. stonyat421

    Mpu 4 issue...

    could be a bad connection on the block on the mpu4 board
  6. stonyat421

    Some new fruits this lock down

    nice machines there mate
  7. stonyat421

    fruit machine

    cheers for posting this on here mick not had a chance to get on line and check out andrews handy work 😉 on a solluction as a temp fix 😂
  8. stonyat421

    Eachway Shuffle Has Landed Part III

    very nice steff 😉
  9. stonyat421

    fruit machine

    its called 2 for the price of one 😂
  10. stonyat421

    Club Climber MPU4 issue, any help grateful

    you say the cables and pins are in the right place but i have found in the past just because there sitting in the block does not mean that there making a connection 😁
  11. stonyat421

    Club Climber MPU4 issue, any help grateful

    dump the rom so it can be tested
  12. stonyat421

    Lamps not working.

    +34vDC 7.5A 1.1/4 inch [ fuse ] Multiplexed lamp supply. thats the first place id be looking
  13. stonyat421


  14. stonyat421

    party time casino v7.03

    25.00 as far as i can tell
  15. stonyat421

    party time casino v7.03

    of course they do i tested them in the layout 😉