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  1. Before and after pics or reel bands. the rest of the machine I have had to rebuild the bottom as both sides were damaged. I have had the machine for a few years but never got round to doing it. I am sure I bought it of Richie along with my each way nudge mk2?
  2. Cheers Nick/Tony, I reckon I will be able to reduce the cost as I do have another printing company I can use. my mate will be able to do the vector bit to match them up. So cost could be a lot cheaper. I think the cost was more his time line everything up? good luck with the EWN ones have you started them?
  3. I have just had these reel bands made locally. I wanted to see if I could get them back lite. They have turned out good. I got the art work done by my mate. I sourced the acetate of Amazon A1 size .225 thickness. Then took the lot to the printers. We did a trial one first on thinner acetate. It worked but to thin. sadly this did not come cheap but it was a one off for everyone. the bands did cots me £90 for the set. the artwork I paid my mate £40 but I do have that now. please see pics and let me know what you think. Even if you think they are shit,too expensive or anyth
  4. So glad this thread has been brought back to life. This is the first time I have seen it. great effort Nick 6 years late congratulating you. I have had some frames polished by a company in Manchester. They too were scratched they did most of them out. I will post some pics of them as I am replacing some at the moment
  5. Sounds like you maybe on your way. I have top and bottom glass. I don’t want anything for them if it helps you complete this project.
  6. Hi Nick, you are probably right about the size due to load, but I wanted the machines as low as possible. Not sure of the weight of a machine but I took the chance and I am only moving them on a smooth floor. If they collapse they won’t fall far lol.
  7. These are the casters I have been putting on my machines. They are the smallest I could find but good quality. a bit pricey but I like them. GBL - Small Castor Wheels 25mm + Screws 40KG | 4 Moving Caster Wheels with Brake Heavy Duty Swivel Wheels for Furniture - Trolley Wheels with TPR Rubber | Heavy Duty Castors for Furnitureby GBL CASTORSLearn more: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D7VGR1F/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_Weq7FbE12NXSH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Hey Rob, the repairs and refurbishment you have done on your machines is fantastic. I really do like the copper win job. But your repair to EWN is just as good. Thanks for you comments on my repairs. Clearly most people have some outstanding talents on this site. I can make them look good but it’s the guys who can make them tick is the bit I take my hat to all of them. also the kind people who are willing to help with parts. Some no charge or small costs which is fine as they must have bought them at some time. I have not come across anyone yet who has not helped me out yet. goo
  9. Hi Rob, just been looking at your project. I think that base was worse than mine lol. how far have you got with it since the last post? good luck pal
  10. Cheers guys any unwanted JPMs that are in bad way and are wanting to be moved on I would be happy to consider buying them to refurbish. Not for profit just a cheaper way of collecting machines and they are also saved.
  11. Rob got to say I am very chuffed about this. I would love to find some more machines like the last one and rebuild it to add to my small collection. but I guess they will be hard to find.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. Nick yes please regarding the sticker.
  13. Well this post is my 100th it has taken 8 years. I am glad to say the special reserve project is complete with the only bits required are display lamps. Which I have been offered some so hopefully next week they may arrive. I will post a video of the machine running tomorrow. just two pics today front and back. I would like to install the jpm sticker back inside. Does anyone have these? The only other thing is I have cut The old one out so could fix it in. hope you enjoyed the project considering I was going to refurbish my double up but when I bout a spare cab this old machine was r
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