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  1. Road Runner


    Hi i have one of those what parts are you missing?
  2. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    That article is the beginning of the end for JPM saying that it was probably when the original owners sold up 4 years earlier
  3. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    thought I’d bump this as I’ve just come across this on the net. https://segaretro.org/JPM_International#Softography It says JPM was sold to whitbread in 1988 i always thought the original owners sold out to SEGA in the mid 90s. ive always thought JPM started to lose the plot around the late 80s and this probably explains why that was. if frank ever returns it will be a good read to see what changes they made(good and bad)
  4. Road Runner

    Nudges unlimited

    more information needed what’s it doing or not doing
  5. Road Runner

    JPM GUAB machine up for grabs...

    Well its here Thanks again to Ashley for offering this and was a pleasure to meet him. The machine looks in decent condition but does not boot up but that's for the up and coming project thread. The first thing to do was to clean the base and replace those missing feet before moving it into the workshop. That's the last post on this thread as i will start a new project thread ASAP.
  6. Road Runner

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    All my machines are on old coins. you just can’t beat the sound of that 10p coin going in or paying out(especially in an S1)
  7. Road Runner

    mps coin mechs ( not lighting up)

    a possibility is the plug(hd10) sometimes those pins don’t always make good contact. im typing this from memory with no manual in front of me but it’s the big square plug at the lower centre of the MPS board.
  8. Road Runner

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    get those roms backed up if they haven’t been already
  9. Road Runner

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    Looks interesting that Steve looks like a small amusement supplier company just getting into releasing its own machines.(Maybe an ex barcrest employee)
  10. Road Runner

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

  11. Road Runner

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    looks ok but i need to check that attract mode from the look of those vids. can someone upload a blank layout for MPU4 (MFME v5.1 or 6)
  12. Road Runner

    Wanted a mps cabinet

  13. Road Runner

    Tumble / Top Up system 80

    Out of interest did this machine come without any of the 3 boards because if did there could be others missing like the regulator or triac boards.
  14. Road Runner

    Tumble / Top Up system 80

    I’m sure I’ve said this before about this machine but that looks like a 6k CPU which is no good for that machine. i can test them for you but a 12 or 14k CPU card will be needed
  15. Road Runner

    jpm sru board can anyone repair them?

    Went pop is a vague description. more detail might help