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  1. Spot on Stanmarsh. Thanks to you and your source . A rather superb sound package J
  2. I don’t know what the issues are with them. I will try to get some pics, it might help diagnose anything obvious maybe. Cheers for the feedback J
  3. Does anyone on here repair the Project Coin boards? I have a guy who is wanting to send possibly a few off for repair. Any advice or feedback is appreciated Many thanks J
  4. Cheers for the info Will have a root round. Trouble being that BWB usually only released the lower stake versions as Barcrest released the originals. J
  5. I’ll see what we have for you mate Barcrest or BWB rebuild? J
  6. It’s the later Project Coin version from the late 1990’s. In the Vegas Casino cab or whatever they were called. Same cab as 8X Cash, Giant Jackpots rtx. J
  7. It will be a generic 27256 I’d imagine. Set your eprom reading software to ignore chip ID and just dump as 27C256. That’s what I used to do if I couldn’t see the chip ID J
  8. orchid

    some roms

    Thanks Loo, quality mate J
  9. I’ll upload RH roms. What revision as depending on the version it may need/use a different chr chip
  10. That’s excellent. Thanks for sharing that, looks very faithful to the original J
  11. The layout doesn't have any issues with the correct roms for this particular rebuild, the 20p version was released prior to this and has some slight differences to the artwork and gameplay. Blue 777 on the 20p version has a repeat chance the green artwork rebuild doesn't. The main Bullseye feature only pays a top prize of £2.40 on the low stake version on the 20p version it can pay either £3 repeat or £6 repeat. J
  12. Thanks for the rom dumps, always appreciated J
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