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  1. Look forward to this Andy! J
  2. If it already had some damage and the board wasn't totally cleaned, any battery leakage can continue to damage the board. J
  3. Doesn’t matter what you post now, you already told him not to send the boards back in 2019. It’s not his fault, let it go. If he does suffer with his back and his missus has indeed had a breakdown then shame on you, do you think he needs you hassling him? J
  4. Now I have a few boards I need fixing 😗 J
  5. Can I ask. What boards has he fixed in the past and how much has he charged you? J
  6. Does anyone have access to this MPU3 machine BWB High Note? Would really like to get this machine emulated but we don't have the roms or images for this particular machine. J
  7. I don’t really know any of these guys, but accusing someone of ripping you off when proof shows you are lying about it deserves a public apology. That kind of stuff is just out of order especially on a public forum. J
  8. You told the guy not to bother sending them back, you can’t moan years later. I lent my mate £350 quid in 2019, I told him I didn’t want it back, therefore he robbed me? J
  9. I hope you get some kind of apology fruit58, out of order to have someone lie about you robbing them! J
  10. Thanks for uploading the images, they seem decent quality, thanks to original image supplier for these, spot on!! J
  11. I imagine Chris fixed stuff but take it on for sure
  12. Yeah, upload them here and DIF if possible. That would be great. I'd certainly like to see them, I might build a layout for it at some point but someone will quickly produce a DX layout when/if the resources become available. Thanks for the heads up, never thought I'd see one of those again, very throw away BWB machines to be fair but an interesting machine still. J
  13. Yeah that's the trouble. People don't always like to share resources. Massive shame especially if he's enjoying emulated fruit machine already, be nice to put a bit back so that in years to come they survive in digital form. J
  14. Just rewatched the vid and saw the Orlando Magic, wow, brings back memories for sure. Who owns them, a forum member? Be great to get images of it for emulation. J
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