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  1. Hello folks. Can anyone point me in the right direction for MPU3 board repair? My spare has let me down and i'd hoped to be sticking it in a new machine that's up for sale at the mo! Tried in in my Snappy Viper machine, it jitters on startup, spins to reset but then constant reel alarm and nothing on alpha display, I dont think it's obvious to the eye but a Pro may put me right on that. Thanks in advance!!
  2. here's a few more pics of the restoration, Wayne i reckon there is a job for life for you here !!
  3. this topic is 'hot' - nice !! i heard that the bloke who sold it is a top geezer and i reckon we should all send him some money or at least give him a few top machines to replace those he has sold, yes, thats a great idea .... here's the pics of the repaired cab, really nice job !!
  4. thanks to all involved - since downloading i have felt like i'm back in the 'Sure Return Cafe' ... 10p for a cup of tea and the other 90p in Fruit Chaser !! happy days
  5. so its a MASSIVE 'thank you' to TTX as he got my board back to its former glory and the machine is running like a dream, now the downside .... i have to sell it - long story that i wont go into, but i'm moving house, no room at the new place and have already listed most of my machines, Hotpot will go on ebay this afternoon and i will try to hold on to my three MPU3s for as long as possible, but it dont look good !! i hope you believe i didnt get HP up and running just to sell it, i honestly dont want to sell any ofmy stuff, some of it has been with me for years !!!
  6. the Hotpot personality pack / manual is now uploaded into the resources section, i have now done something useful - will sort the Plus Money pics now
  7. MANY MANY THANKS TTX !!! from the most untechnically-minded person in the northern hemisphere, (would have put 'world' but i know a few Australians) - huge thanks for sorting everything out for me - i guess my 'turn it off and back on again' approach would never have cured it then ! I have scanned the Hotpot manual so if you PM me your email address or a short instruction on how and where to upload it I will get it on it's way - i just tried the resources section but can't find where i should upload it to !! prob just being thick again cheers Superbank (again) for the manual, and
  8. thanks Superbank - manual arrived this morning, will scan it on Monday and upload - as the machine is now working properly (thanks to everyone's help), i wont be tinkering but it's always useful to have the manual with the machine - cheers for sending it, much obliged ;-)
  9. superbank is going to send me the manual, i will scan it, save it as a pdf and upload it to the section or send it on to you TTX - about time i did something for someone else while i sit back and receive all this help !!
  10. yes please TTX - let me have your address and let me know how much !! i will send the board on Monday, as might be pushed for time tomorrow, what do you need with it, just the board or a program cart too ??
  11. i meant i'd be happy for it to go back to old coins, as the payouts and tubes are - does that make sense ? i have another question for you - is TUMBLE a system 80 machine ? i'm going to be looking after one for a friend who is moving house, and there's a few issues with it, but i guess you're the man to ask !
  12. THANKS TTX - cheers for going to the effort to get me a pic ! I wouldn't even attempt to change a chip like that, i could handle it if it sort-of plugged in but i once tried a similar thing with a sound chip on an mPU4 board and made a total mess of it - had to throw the board away :-( where would you buy an 8255 chip ? maplins ? if it is that sort of thing and i'm too chicken to try and fix it, is there anybody that repairs these boards ?? can you point me in the right direction ?
  13. it would be my pleasure to take as many photos as you need, but i've no idea how you do an emulation, so you'll need to tell me exactly what you want - bear in mind that it doesn't work at the moment, but i get the feeling with all the helpful advice i'm getting from everyone on here, it wont be 'out of order' for long ! i'm away for the weekend in Cardiff on a stag weekend, but i'll have a good look at the MPS board on Monday and start with the suggestions ive already received, although i wont attempt soldering anything, i'm no use ! i'll let you have my email by PM (if you cant
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