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    Old classic fruit machines and some pushers also.

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  1. Classic JPM Fan

    Latest one

    Not had much time recently but here is a quick vid of my latest machine.
  2. Classic JPM Fan

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Think a lot of these spares have ended up in my shed
  3. Classic JPM Fan

    777 Heaven

    Newest machine. Up and running thanks to Louie. https://youtu.be/dySbLjKBGfw
  4. Classic JPM Fan

    Other arcade machines

    I have this one
  5. Classic JPM Fan

    purple penny southport

    Used to go in there a lot, part of the theatre now. Nice chap used to run that.
  6. Classic JPM Fan

    Happy birthday lineup chris.......

    Happy Birthday mate
  7. Classic JPM Fan

    barcrest mpu3 instant replay 1982

  8. Classic JPM Fan

    New arrival

    How many holds
  9. Classic JPM Fan

    New arrival

    Got this off a good mate and up and running thanks to Louie.
  10. Classic JPM Fan

    Mpu3 wanted

    Thought it was the mpu4 version in there
  11. Classic JPM Fan

    New arrival

  12. Classic JPM Fan

    New arrival

  13. Classic JPM Fan

    New arrival

    First SRU machine.
  14. Classic JPM Fan

    Locating Casino Cash Game eproms

    Think Vinny had one of these
  15. Classic JPM Fan

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    Weather warning - Southerners are urged not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary. Northerners you will need your big coat