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  1. This looks the same as a JPM Step Up, I put the schematics on here a while ago.
  2. Danno

    MPU1 reel deck logic

    Thinking about it, when I put the PLC in a electro it just used inputs so probably not relevent here,
  3. Danno

    MPU1 reel deck logic

    Hmm, All along time ago now. Don't over think it, there may be many combinations for all the fruit symbols etc but the MPU isn't interested in that. All there will be is a handful of inputs to the MPU. A couple of switches is all you probably need, one for each input. You probably don't even need to look at the reel deck. There may be 10 different combinations on the reels to pay 20p for example but the MPU will only need one input. (one switch will cover all 20p combinations). On the Electro decks with the optos they count the positions and increment the RAM, the MPU then uses a look up table to determine wins. This looks to be using studs so it will report to the MPU relevent to it's position.
  4. Danno

    MPU2 test rig

    Bob, Do we have ROM's for Hi-Lights? I'll try them in the Emulator if we have and see if it's there.
  5. Danno

    MPU2 test rig

    Isn't it machine specific? Which indicates it would be on the game ROMS?
  6. Danno

    PCP Royal Line :)

    In powder coating it's a type of Hammer finish. Although Hammer finish is usually paired with a full gloss finish. This is like a Satin/Hammer finish.
  7. Danno

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    Hot air welding maybe for joining?
  8. Danno

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    Steer clear of the cheap 3D printers especially Chinese ones, they are terrible and just don't work. Also 3D printing takes a very long time on the cheap ones.
  9. Danno

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    Very nice layout, a lot of work gone into this.
  10. Danno

    Mpu 3 reel deck cleaned up !

    Excellent job mate
  11. Did you use Neatsfoot oil and did you soak them long enough?
  12. Danno

    Finally joined

    Hi Chris, welcome aboard mate.
  13. Do you still have supermatch manual Rich?
  14. F.A.O Nick (Sulzerned) Nick everything you need to know for reel strip and servicing is here from post #74 Let me know how it goes.
  15. Danno

    Bell Fruit Fire Cracker (Black Box)

    Nice Dave, looking forward to this.