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  1. BigO

    A Bad Apple!

    A micro sim can actually be successfully trimmed to the nano sim size, well, as long as you're very careful that is lol
  2. BigO

    Super Adders & Ladders help please

    Think micro switches are pretty common and easy to source but as for the rest I'm not sure but the more experienced guys should be able to help :-)
  3. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    Oh the joys of having a missus and 6 daughters lol
  4. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    It winds me up coz if I even get near their stuff they start having a hissy fit but it's ok for them to move all my stuff "coz it's in the way" even though its on my work desk that no one needs to even look at let alone touch.
  5. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    Thanks for the offer mate, really appreciate it but thankfully I managed to rebuild it
  6. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    I went absolutely mental mate! Think I shocked the other half.
  7. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    Well last night I walked out of the living room to find the coin mech from my Silver Shadow in pieces because one of the dopey muppets in my house obviously decided to stand on it! I haven't got a clue how because I put it out of the way and it was sat on top of a paint can. Of course no one actually bothered to tell me that it had happened.
  8. BigO

    Bloody women!!!!

    Why is it that when you put something out of the way in a safe place a woman always comes along and either moves it or in my case breaks it???
  9. BigO

    andy capp payout solenoid issue

    I've got my old 50V 10p slide that can be stripped for parts if required, it's only the tongue that's broken
  10. BigO


    Cheers mate, donation complete
  11. BigO


    Who do i send the payment to then?
  12. BigO


    Is it £5 in one go or is it once you've donated a total of at least £5?
  13. BigO


    Is there a minimum donation to receive it Vinny?
  14. BigO

    Noisy Electrocoin red reels (MPS reels?)

    Oh ok, thanks. If you don't ask you don't learn
  15. BigO

    cleaning up a royal exchange

    Not appearing for me either