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  1. Ribbon cables are easy to make if you have access to a bench vice (with smooth jaws) and a sharp pair of scissors!
  2. The Parkers will know what happened to it. I hope they didn't scrap it.
  3. It didn't look regular enough to me but if it is then it could be the IRQ timer is running too slow.
  4. Knackered fuse holder on the PSU perhaps?
  5. Easily £1500 as there can't be many left these days. The medium-res monitor and hideously over-complicated board set would explain why...
  6. I'm not but I have relatives who have lived there since 1980 so I'm a regular visitor to Rhyl. I'm old enough to remember when Vern's had two sets of steps down to the back part of the arcade and a wall of pinball machines between them. All that went when they levelled up the floor. Just out of interest, do you know what happened to the shooting gallery? Last time I was in there was just after Parkers had taken over and it had gone.
  7. Nope, the Bright Spot is going as well. https://north.wales/news/denbighshire/rhyls-queens-market-redevelopment-4-3m-underfunded-council-and-welsh-government-could-pick-up-the-bill-20410.html
  8. Brian and James Parker of Parker Leisure Holdings. They bought out Vern's about five years ago.
  9. I know. it's being demolished at the moment, along with Queens and The Bright Spot.
  10. I used to use one of those at Celestica. Lovely bit of kit!
  11. Nice place, Macclesfield. I still have a few relatives who live there.
  12. It's probably the reel connector on the M1 board. It'll have burnt pins at one end.
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