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  1. 1981/82 bob .along with sys100 inthink it was aces first attempt of using mpu s after their electro days .May even be a year or two earlier but the machine si have say 82 . Great work and nice the the cpu boards are overly big nor too many components to come off .
  2. Looking forward to seeing this restoration. Good luck with it .
  3. Terrific work a great to see. Nice to see the pictures in progress
  4. You could shave a match stick down to size rich
  5. sulzerned

    Barcrest mpu3

    By the looks of things you have the right plugs in there .looks like pcp have added their own loom and put in two additional plugs of the same colour .you can see the original colouring of the wiring on the two spare plugs and that the orange and blue plugs used have plain coloured wiring which will be the modified loom for spoof.
  6. Great to see these 80s machine s in a working arcade
  7. Always a pleasure to watch one of these in action.
  8. Nice work .quite annoying when those covers are missing .if you had one to borrow you could get one 3d printed perhaps .in the earlier barcrest games upto nudges unlimited the lighting box covers got quite damaged and lot tended to be took off and never repaired .
  9. Cant beat a bit of mighty melon action
  10. Just a new board or repair this one .the battery had bled its green vapours a lot so probably needs a few new chips and transistors replacing by the battery
  11. Lovely to see rich .well done to all who made this possible .just love seeing those glitter bands.
  12. Can barely see the white rich .they look superb and job done
  13. Looks great rich and the white outline isn't really a bad thing
  14. They look amazing dicky. Always liked the look of this stuff .
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