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    all fruit machines from 1979 -1985 restoring old 1960 s railway diesel loco s
    non league football+ground hopping
    railway auctions
    real ale

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  1. sulzerned

    fruit machine

    Very nice Andrew. Love the ingenuity
  2. sulzerned

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Nice one Bob thats good to know .and also that is not a taboo chip anymore .
  3. sulzerned

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Excellent work bob and you are a true credit to this hobby and everyone you help out. Nice that then9980 has survived on the 14k board too .
  4. sulzerned

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    Thanks for the write up bob and love the technique s used by you sometimes to get the job done .
  5. sulzerned

    Eachway shuffle deluxe

    Ha ha I might have guessed you d come out with some like that 😁
  6. sulzerned

    Eachway shuffle deluxe

    Hey matt Super lube looks good but always had good results from the pro power electronical contact spray. How much was the super lube ? Can you let us know how you get on with the sound issues with pics as I have a board with no sound too .could be the main 566 chip as well .
  7. sulzerned

    Jpm thriller

    Second that
  8. sulzerned


    Nice one dave .would love to see a good vid of This if poss
  9. sulzerned

    Jpm thriller

    Nice one Tony. Any chance of a vid ?
  10. sulzerned

    BFM Big Dipper.

    Best of luck repairing this machine .quite annoying when coming across these kinds of alterations. And led s in an electeo is a massive no no 😡
  11. sulzerned

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    If the leds are too bright and dont quite fit in with the machine s then they can be dimmed down using red style credit display plastic sheeting .a small piece over the top usually works .
  12. sulzerned

    Nudges unlimited

    It sounds like you have a failing board. And also the power supply needs looking at .im sure there are others on here who can help more
  13. sulzerned

    Project coin creepy cash

    Nice razzle there Phil. Quality barcrest machine .load of depth in game play .Nice bag .
  14. sulzerned

    Club Climber MPU4 issue, any help grateful

    My thought s exactly a switch issue !
  15. sulzerned

    Club Climber MPU4 issue, any help grateful

    It was indeed plus on an actual machine before this one