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  1. Step n skip is very rare.only ever seen one
  2. Nice one dazza glad its the one .its on the mecca gallery but vaguely remember these and others being about when I played in the early 80s arcades.
  3. Agreed Pete. I never played em enough to worry about reel orders really but wish I had as I guess you would feel like you d cheated the arcade somewhat !
  4. As mentioned match it used the familiar green pounds but had the sling shot type reel deck which was old tech I think even then .this is mpu1 I think
  5. Was going to say the very same thing like match it .mpu1 by the sounds of it as those reeldecks really were clunky and electro in nature which made them seem older id say
  6. Hi fellas I was wondering if the following machine s are emulated . Barcrest stakeup-mpu4 Barcrest crackpot (£100) mpu4 Barcrest royal exchange (£100)mpu3 Sorry to be a pain but can you give me the files for each if they exist please and would be very much appreciated. Also how do I view the emulated files and play them?sorry I'm not very tech savy but would be great to play a few . Cheers Nick
  7. Bob I've took a look at my mps sensors and like yours mine are all without id numbers
  8. Ha ha tis not true but if it were you are in the same boat as me 😉
  9. I'll take a look later bob and check a few.of mine for parts numbers .
  10. Cheers Wayne. As with most of these projects they take a while to do
  11. sulzerned

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Yeah the tool is specific to those pins I think .Andrew or Bob might know of a tool to use on them .
  12. Yep agree Steve I'll be looking at them again thats for sure
  13. It annoys me sometime s that some folk forget how good these arcades were
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