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  1. riche100

    JPM system 80 cpu board repair

    Can you let me know where from please Alan
  2. riche100

    ebay machine

    its a hobby or is should be a hobbies cost money . you should enjoy what you have and get, when your done let it go just because i spent 30k on my skoda estelle 2 by buying a exhaust made from unicorn horn and powered by hens teeth doesnt make it a £30,000 + car . but i wasted my time doing it and enjoyed it too if your into fruit machines etc to make profit your in the wrong business
  3. riche100


    yo enjoy your stay
  4. riche100

    1993 Pink Panther machine.

  5. riche100

    Windows XP

    Hello and welcome
  6. riche100

    ebay machine

  7. riche100


    hello and welcome
  8. riche100


    looks complete to me though alan road runner is the man for the information as he totally stripped one and rebuilt it
  9. riche100


    hello and welcome
  10. riche100

    Hello there

    hello and welcome to you enjoy your stay
  11. riche100

    Jpm thriller

  12. riche100

    System 5 JPM Diagram

    maybe because the search facility on this forum is shite ? least you know now
  13. riche100

    Adders and ladders £2 jp

    thank you
  14. riche100

    System 5 JPM Diagram

    the complete manual is in downloads scanned at 300dpi and there is no issue downloading it because ive just done it