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  1. riche100

    BFM - Hi-Lo Silver £4

    i dont know how to use the emulator but thanks for the content happy days
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    hello jiz enjoy your stay
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    id like to help him but cant
  4. riche100


    hello and welcome , great to see you here
  5. riche100

    S7 coin credit mechanism wanted

    ive seen small mechs in jukebox machines hoping someone can help you
  6. riche100

    Hi Everyone!

    hello and welcome to you can i ask what space invaders is please? enjoy your stay
  7. A very warm welcome to you Enjoy your stay
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    Hello and welcome
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    hello and welcome william so good to see you
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    so great to see you here very warm welcome to you enjoy your stay
  11. instance automatics / maxxgrab has retro fruit machines in from time to time id say look on ebay too , youve done right asking here as you never know i am afraid these days you can own anything if enough money if offered up . but know this a fruit machine might work today and not tomorrow , no matter what its cost you its a hobby and hobbies cost money and collectors know that so be prepared to pay for the upkeep/ ownership of a old fruit machine
  12. riche100

    Hi everyone

    hello and a very warm welcome to you thanks for introducing yourself enjoy the fourm, i am sure youll get the help you want
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    Hello and a warm welcome to you
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    I’m New Hiya Everyone

    hello and a very warm welcome to you
  15. hello and welcome might be helpful to introduce yourself and immerse yourself in the site ? youve not even said hello haha