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  1. Hello and welcome Enjoy your stay here
  2. hello and a very warm welcome to you enjoy your stay
  3. i have been looking for years dazza too sadly had no luck i hope you have better luck than me, i am sure you will .. my advice is throw silly money out and youll get machines quick .. or sit and wait and maybe get lucky from time to time stay safe
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Retro-JPM-The-Winner-Fruit-Machine-not-working-but-classic-fruit-machine/303848956819?hash=item46becf2393:g:yBQAAOSwgI1gAciW
  5. hello and welcome enjoy your stay
  6. wow hello to you its so good to see you enjoy your stay
  7. hello and welcome enjoy your stay
  8. good item , thanks for offering it up
  9. I am sure there is a thread about something similar here. Have a search. I hope you sort it
  10. hello soevel, hope you enjoy your stay here nice to see you
  11. just to have one of the type of the machines in the pictures would be a dream maybe one day
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