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  1. doesnt shirts know how to sort it ? hope it gets sorted
  2. Hello joe i hope you enjoy your time here
  3. its ok ronnie, i found some in china, i think the same items as the uk is selling but at only £3 odd quid for 10 , so ive ordered 20 . i dont need 20 i only needed a about 8 or 9 .. but for that price and the wait i am happy with thanks for replying and i take it offering to help me out with some . thank you but i think i should be sorted
  4. happy days to one and all involved
  5. are they t10 wedge bulbs used in a fruit machine like the ones pictured if so are these what i need please : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303562338622
  6. Howdy folks can anyone tell me what type of bulb holders these are called please. They take a conventional 12v wedge bulb.. Not the smaller bulbs found in sys80s etc Thanks in advance Richard
  7. hello and welcome to you i hope you enjoy your time here
  8. Hi robek. Welcome to the forum Wow 1 machine thats more than some members have I envy you Enjoy your stay
  9. remember if a Em machine isnt your thing and you have a sru based machine youd rather have you could / can use the cab from one and all
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