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  1. Bump, anyone found one yet
  2. £50 finders fee no problem
  3. Looking to buy one if any of you nice chaps knows of one ;)
  4. Nope, already spoke to him. This was new to him.
  5. Hi all Anyone got one of these: Cheers John
  6. Great work. I have one to do and was thinking black metal work would look nice. I'm defo sold now so will do em all in black. Thanks for sharing
  7. I bet this person paid big bucks for it and wants to get money back and make a bit on top.
  8. Hi. Can i please take 3 x ME115 (Has orange ADD on, bit before my time so not sure what they are called), 2 take the new £1 and 1 does not I'll happily pay beer tokens and postage
  9. He might get upset though
  10. £495 Is the least we’ll accept. NO OFFERS PLEASE. I was gonna make an offer for £50 but i can't
  11. I'll bung him £50 for it.
  12. I'm bidding and i'm gonna win em at all costs!!!
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