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  1. BWB took dull games and made them proper. Thanks for sharing.
  2. No problem, what goes around comes around :). Glad it's worked for you.
  3. Paint dot net is free (what i used above) https://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download Theres a ton of tutorials. I use it a lot at work cause it's free and straight forward to use. Theres gimp which has better functionality but a lot harder to use. Give this a go, nothing to lose.
  4. 2021-04-07 16-39-45.mp4
  5. There was no need in them days because service engineers knew what they were doing. They wern't "part swappers" like they are today.
  6. Just put the images in 2 layers and switch one on/off. You can quickly see what the difference is. Happy to do it for you if you wanna send me the files.
  7. Do you know how they are protected per manufacturer? Is there a security chip you can just change? I have about 10 brand new ones that are pretty much useless.
  8. I wasn't doubting you btw :). I couldn't find em on the schematics
  9. Ok I get you now. I was wondering how you knew the switches didn't work without powering it up
  10. So I assume this boots up as the switches aren't doing anything?
  11. Cant see a 33 or 34. 22,23,24 are all connected to the switches. Not arguing with Mini Bob of course
  12. Shouldn't that be 22, 23, 24??
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