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  1. Player

    CD juke stand

    Looks cool
  2. Player

    raspberry pi

    That won't work. The emulator only (as far as i know) has the ability to output to hoppers and lamps. The only inputs (as far as i know) are buttons. To have a pie operate a machine you would need outputs for all the lamps, the reels etc which cannot be done. Would be nice if someone could correct me
  3. Player

    Adders and ladders £2 jp

    Think these have been on the wanted list for a while. Nice one Tony
  4. Player

    BFM Big Dipper.

    I did it once
  5. Player

    Connector type?

    That's the speaker plug right? Why are the wires black and red? Should both be black. Also one of them should continue and connect to the earth on the sound card.
  6. Player

    Connector type?

    I could probably help if you still need one.
  7. Player

    Bell fruit main board

    Have you tested the 5v reg? A common problem on these boards. Be a massive shame to break that up
  8. Player

    Bell fruit main board

    What machine is it? The game card connectors can fuck on these too. You defo sure the game card is ok?
  9. Player

    Bell fruit main board

    Whats wrong with it? You need to be careful when changing with another of these (if you can find one) as there are different revisions and have compatibility issues when swapping over. I have a load but pretty sure they don't work. I have a system 85 machine but not currently at my house.
  10. Player

    Bell Fruit Sound Prom

    There's no need, all this stuff is available Here's the £8 game ROM round-the-town_std_ar_var_ass.bin
  11. Player

    Bell Fruit Sound Prom

    Yeah your worrying about nothing. No need to get a new chip programmed
  12. Player


    Love Brenco artwork, just something about it.
  13. Player

    Jpm plus money deluxe reel bands

    That's not too bad. Still a bitch when people hike prices up. Happened to me when I bought a football table. Cunt upped it by £50. I should have told him to bollocks.
  14. Player

    Bell Fruit Sound Prom

    That sound prom was dumped years ago so the file is available should you ever want to program another chip. There’s no need have a spare as you will always be able to get another done. Now if that sound prom wasn’t available then yeah I would highly recommend getting it dumped for future back ups.