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  1. Popeye

    BFM Club Wild West

    Sound roms in the downloads section and sent to the layout creator 😀
  2. Popeye

    BFM Sound ROMs Scorp 4

    You could try this fella on youtube, he just uploaded this a couple of days ago 😀
  3. Popeye

    New & Programmer/Hacker

    Forgive Rich, he doesn't have any machines. 😉
  4. Popeye

    Bell Fruit Sound Prom

    Here you go 😀 attsnd.zip
  5. Popeye

    Dicky Winks Toolbox

    Cheers Dicky, just got a set and more besides. 👍
  6. Popeye

    M1 eastenders reel needed

    I always wondered why there was a LOSE on the number reel 🤔
  7. Popeye

    anyone no this seller? i doubt this is working.

    Guys a complete tosser, done many of us over on here. Make sure you leave him a big fat negative!
  8. Popeye

    T7 Mpu5 Serial Coin Mech Failure

    Think slippery made a batch if i remember correctly
  9. Popeye

    Monopoly delux £6

    Are you sure?
  10. Popeye

    Eeprom burner

  11. Popeye

    JPM Impact repairs

    Top job Andrew, well done
  12. Popeye

    lite a nudge sru manual

    Does this mean you've finally purchased your first machine? 🤣
  13. Popeye

    Scorpion 4 PSU Help

    That battery needs removing as soon as possible fella!