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  1. Fantastic frig - well done on the redraw...I'm sure I've played this with just the reels visible (possibly on MAME or something - not sure) but with all the peripheral artwork, it feels like being in The Coffee Shop arcade back at the beginning of the eighties, having a few spins while I waited for my 'Breville cheese toasted sandwich' to be brought out from the kitchen - what a novelty back then! Keep up the good work - you're doing brilliantly! Thanks also goes to Wizard for his incredible emulator - is it really 20 years of FME? We're so blessed to have you back on the scene you
  2. Just nudged in 3 melons for £2 and was just about to reach down to scoop up my tokens - this is brilliant frig, thanks and well done!
  3. Aaah...brings back memories of standing in the Golden Lion with the smell of pie, chips, a pint and smoking inside the building - not something I participated in, but appreciated the atmosphere! This is ACE - thanks Vecs!
  4. With the current 'Lockdown' situation, I would love to spend some of my time helping to get this emulated...by the sounds of it, so would a few other peeps! As Steve's Fruity's posted on YouTube on 27th December back in 2017: "A YouTube first. But unfortunately I dropped a jackpot prior to recording so it's a bit dead sadly. But still at least you get to see this mega rare machine. Courtesy of Steve's Fruity's 😍😍😍😍" It's waaaaaay more fun than the YouTube clip suggests because you *never* know when it's going to drop the feature... The resources are out there...let's make t
  5. This is super - thanks so much for this! The Pound symbols remind me of a 2p / £1 game called Ton Up I used to play, so I'm guessing that was also Maygay MMM tech maybe? Thanks again - really enjoying these older machines 😀
  6. Hopefully it will be emulated one day...😉
  7. Ploggy - I've got a sneaking suspicion that the photo you found/posted is a much older tech than the MPU3 version in the list (check out the buttons and awards for different win combinations - not very high!) The reason I'm sure is because I played a Barcrest Cash 'n' Carry in Bodmin, Cornwall in mid-late 90's (at the back of a pet shop up the road from Toymaster in the high-street of all places!) and it was a special half-height machine which was distinctive but had all the same buttons, sounds and similar features to Line-Up (right next to it in the list)
  8. Used to love playing this - there were a few dotted around Cornwall in Portreath , St Ives, Hayle etc... Don't know if it jogs anyone's memory, but I once saw a 2p / £1.50 nudge matrix style game similar to this one, but instead of a light-based target skill feature at the top there was a clockwise rotating target that you had to hit when it came into view. You got 5 shots with that feature - 2p for a near miss and 10p for a bullseye, so 50p maximum win. I have a feeling it was called Crackshot (or something like that) - anyone ever heard of it or any pics / flyers anywhere?
  9. HT6 this is just grand! I saw it was MPU3 (which I love) but skipped over it, not realising exactly what it was. Having now had the immense pleasure of playing it (thanks to you, Wizard and the rest of the team), I discovered what a super little game it is from the same stable (or at least riding school) as many of my favourite games of this ilk. Because it's 5p / £1.50, there's plenty going on and some really good fun to be had. Thanks again gang for bringing such a beauty back to life - lovely stuff!
  10. I have waited decades for this and can positively confirm that it has indeed been snagged by a mecca member (not me) and is safe, well and in very good condition. I've posted a video that was kindly shared, and in time the resources should hopefully become available to emulate this MPU3 classic!
  11. STAF is super fun! Thanks so much gang for sharing this and for all your collecting, dumping and hard efforts, they are very, very much appreciated.
  12. Oh my days - you know when you've been Pooked! I only discovered Wizard's Classic Layout of this in the last week or so, and now this... I was lucky enough to get 3 Bell-Fruits straight in within my first quid, and then shortly after 3 more right above the win-line which held, offered me zero nudges which I gambled for 4 and nudged those babies down for another Jackpot. It doesn't get much better than that for me with the correct sounds and symbols and now Pook's incredible DX. How do you do it? Thank you so much guys for shaving close to 40 years off with such brilliance! One last mem
  13. TuppennyTopper

    Tuppenny Topper

    After 20 years of MFME, finally we have pictures of my favourite childhood machine, Tuppenny Topper. We think it may be have been manufactured by Associated Leisure. It is MPU3 and shares similar symbols and sounds to Barcrest's Line Up era of machine. At 2p play and £1.50 jackpot, £5 could last a whole evening and you'd probably still have enough money left for sausage, chips and a bus ride home!
  14. How in heaven's name did I miss this? It is ACE! (well, technically it's Bell Fruit!) I love hearing all the cams and solenoids clicking and whirring in the background and the sound of the coin bar shooting across when you insert or run out of credit. If there was a row of washers and dryers lined up and a soap powder vending machine nearby, I'd swear I was in a launderette. Maybe that could be an optional sound effect in future? Just stick a bar of soap under your nose and you're well away! This is truly, properly incredible Chris, well done!
  15. Pook, you beauty! All I need is a barstool , a can of Cherry Coke and a Cadbury's Spira and I'm well away! Fantastic layout and I particularly like your lighting effects. What an absolute joy to play. Thanks as always to Wizard for the new MFME 5.x - I am loving the payout sounds immensely!
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