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  1. Louie Bee

    Socket Adapter

    I suspected it was a supply or price issue as later pc92 have the chips as do earlier pcl. I've only seen the daughter board on pc90
  2. Louie Bee

    Socket Adapter

    Back to the original question... like I suggested take a look before fixing anything as it saves time... Don't bother about the missing pin as it's connected to nothing and isn't a problem Joe. You can see no tracks link to the pin and it's open circuit across the daughter board so has no function over the mechanical grip but I'm sure the remains 15 will do. Bare eyes can sometimes see way faster than any piece of test equipment can. Sometimes it's obvious if one just looks so I was told. The nose is another good diagnostics tool for pinpointing a problem but don't sniff too hard as burned out bits really stink 😉. Always use the simple & best tools first... You can validate with proper test gear later if needed.
  3. Louie Bee

    Socket Adapter

    It's to do with the clock signal. Remove from the board and CPU has no clock so no run. Some boards have this ST chip which is interchangeable
  4. Louie Bee

    Socket Adapter

    Think this is too big (fat) to fit the socket. There is a suitable size sil version on rapid https://www.rapidonline.com/truconnect-20-way-turned-pin-sil-header-22-1704
  5. Louie Bee

    Socket Adapter

    Not all the pins are used on that PC90 daughter board so you could push out a redundant one if you get it hot enough & swap it out... If the snapped one is actually used 😉
  6. Louie Bee

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    The SC08-11EWA are very close to the originals. You could almost get away with replacing the odd one.
  7. Louie Bee

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    7's and mellons test 5 shows the decimal points are all mapped in the emulator. and Reflex & JW The emulation guys are generalley really good with detail 😉 Red Dwarf is a bit different as no one actualley palyed it in the flesh?
  8. Louie Bee

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    Just looked at Jokers Wild, Sevens & Mellons and Reflex in the emulator and non of them use the decimal after the game has booted either. I used these and colour & brightness is really close to toe original https://uk.farnell.com/kingbright/sc08-11ewa/display-seven-segment-27-7mm-red/dp/1142449 CPC had them & better price too but were out of stock. If you can't find originals at a decent price why bother paying for something that may not be used in the game anyway?
  9. Louie Bee

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    It's not used on 777 heaven, but I don't know about other games. Imo it looks better to have all the digit segments working at the cost of a missing decimals point... But better if it's used and visible too.. Here is one I hacked earlier to use the right decimal point so only 3 of the 4 get used... Then I noticed non lit in normal game play
  10. Louie Bee

    Proconn 7 seg led displays

    It's only the bottom top row linked for the bank if same as 777h. You can always piggy back to the next chip along as the one at the end is never used. Who cares if it's in exactly the right place as long as it's between the right numbers? Then after all the hard work you'll notice 777h don't use any decimals apart from in test mode so it wasn't needed anyway. Not sure about other games 😜
  11. Hi All, Just backed these up for Andy / Sam. Dont see them in the rom DAT Mega_Money_p60[2].zip Please could someone post up the 5P /£3 version for Sam?
  12. Louie Bee

    super shuffle sru classic

    That was quick. I don't think this existed as a £6 up in the wild. Don't think I saw sru on £4.80 JP or £4.
  13. Louie Bee

    SRU Super Shuffle £3

    Looks like port 14. havn't got MFE on the windows10 machine yet so had to hit the old slow win 7 machine.
  14. Louie Bee

    SRU Super Shuffle £3

  15. Louie Bee

    SRU Super Shuffle £3

    Just ripped these. Don't think they are in the rom DAT. Think Gary said they are 20P play and all wins doubled (probs not JP) so checking out which port to switch to 10P play. 20p sru shuffle.zip