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  1. Need decent pictures taken @Simon Sevens maybe one for a pooky Dx @Big J
  2. Time for those Crazy Fruits again, this is actually the 3rd time i've made the £25 version (also did a £5 & £10 1024dx). The first time i made it squashed, 2nd time a mini 1024dx now its a bigger clearer version Thanks goto @Simon Sevens for images from the real machine via the mecca @Player for reel symbol images from the streak upload and to whoever made the original, original 1280 version from years back Usual shortcuts apply, Play in mfme v20.1 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Stay Safe, Stay In, Play FME!!! Casino Crazy Fruits Red £25 DXv1.01.
  3. Fantastic stuff those crazy fruit images are perfect do you still have red hot roll? and if anything else comes you way please upload images like you have thankyou
  4. a below standard of korma i "could" possibly do a fiver version of c n r
  5. sorry didn't make it clear could they be of the machine in a switched "OFF" state please
  6. @Simon Sevens any chance of some nice hi res photo's of crazy fruits red and red hot roll please @innfection not me don't do disc reels but would love to update my red crazy fruits layout "again"
  7. vectra666

    2ps needed

    I have a 1983 one infact it’s in one of those collectors thingys with the new £1 coin in it mint condition bought it at car boot for face value including a rare 1986 £2 coin? thry had loads of set there wish I bought the lot
  8. I’m sure I’ve the sounds to this is it global games machine?
  9. do you have any images of this clo as i'm fairly good at id'ing stuff 20/20 vision me lol
  10. How did you fix this? For future reference
  11. proper arcade, where people young and old and religious (the nun playing bingo lol) and the dog enjoying them selves, where amusement meant amusement not robbing thieving bandits not a dond or partytime in site ooh times have changed
  12. All roms are useful to us emulation guys, always on the look out for rare or early rom versions, and various sound roms, i'm hoping bfm's shogun will turn up one day thanks for the offer, if you can't dump them i'm sure others will gladly help you out thankyou to @-Crest- to for his uploads
  13. Thankyou Hitthesix and Merry Christmas to you sir
  14. Thanks loo, merry Christmas to you
  15. Is this the original jokers wild or a fair games one that streaks it tits off once rammed?
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