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  1. vectra666

    Very Rich Geezer (club spares)

    I emulated this ages back in mini format great sounds on it like the awp of it rich geezer as for prize decals maybe ask @Playerfrom here as he has upped loads of stuff atm
  2. vectra666


    Dxed that recently too
  3. vectra666

    project reflex

    Play my dx of it
  4. vectra666

    Simon Seven Say Hello

    Hello welcome to the nut house
  5. Here's What's up Doc? a hospital themed slot with a great sound package from the 90's A global machine on scorpion1 tech. Thanks goto @Clo06 for the Classic layout used for lamping positions @MattyL for the Images from his machine, including reel symbols and countless photos also the roms from his machine which are the earlier v2.8 roms including sounds, which were missing from the classic layout finally to @Dougsta for providing a "happy" ram the one within the machine is cashpots full from a £50 start (£4,000 in) also included within the file is a Jackpot Ready Ram which has had £5,000 from start And the original Ram which is basically a Factory Reset Play in Mfme V20.1 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!! What's Up Doc £250 Dx.zip
  6. vectra666

    A few more roms 12 11 20

    Thankyou wish I spotted this a hour ago never mind I’ll wait till tomorrow to download and see if there’s hidden treasure within fingers twitching already lol
  7. vectra666

    What Mazooma artwork is required

    Both the above are wanted I made safe cracker but the original art was poor so I could remake it as for power surge no layout yet Thankyou
  8. vectra666

    Decal printing?

    There’s a printing company around here Stroud Gloucestershire area zeta printing not sure if they’ll print on plastic though I’ll find out the one above posted by Lammas is the way to go https://www.ezeeplan.co.uk/we-print/acetate
  9. vectra666

    Decal printing?

    just a image as we know this is for the jackpot decal? could you not get it printed on paper then laminate it? wouldn,t a paper/cardboard insert do or doesn't the lamp show up through it? can you not use photographic paper ?
  10. vectra666

    Jolly Joker mpu4

    @Line Up Chris if these pics are for emulation purposes they need to be of the same quality and angles but with the machine switched off
  11. vectra666

    Golden Ghost £3 Dx (system 80)

    I couldn’t but Then again I’m shite at getting some roms to run maybe someone who’s more experienced would I hoped they would’ve by now
  12. vectra666

    Jolly Joker mpu4

    What’s the dip switch setting in the configuration table maybe it’ll help with Chris’s bank problem? Post a screenshot of the table big j?
  13. vectra666

    Silver Ghost (system80) £3 Dx

    whats that your marbles
  14. vectra666

    Golden Ghost £3 Dx (system 80)

    I also did silver ghost recently too release thread on this site
  15. vectra666

    Anyone have an idea on the name of this machine?

    Prospector or blazing trails?