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  1. vectra666

    Hi, I'm clueless

    What’s wrong with it?
  2. vectra666

    MFME v19 Release

    You’ll need v20.1 the latest and last update (download v20) as said if you can wait just a bit longer maybe tonight or tomorrow then you’ll be fine. I’m sure a few hours or a day won’t hurt!
  3. vectra666

    Casino crazy fruits

    Afaik you would switch on put the refill key in and fill via the coin slot Normally about £125 but surely only £50 needed then you manually fill during normal play any chance of some hi res images of this for a crazy fruit emulation revamp please
  4. all dond double dond roms are found here, there are a few scorp4 roms but some could be for the £35 http://www.planetemu.net/roms/mame-roms?page=D
  5. vectra666

    party time casino v7.03

    I get pc bad input error or something what jackpot level are these
  6. vectra666

    Money Laundry £25 JP

    If this is your machine can you get the roms dumped for emulation please
  7. Thanks may shove these in a layout see how they play
  8. vectra666

    Global - Knockout Punch

    thankyou clo06 great job done
  9. vectra666

    ALARM 3.2

    Maybe @Big J can sort you out on this error he’s very helpful at sorting the shite out lol
  10. vectra666


    Do a ram clear via the config table or in future have a back up file on an external stick or whatever then when you fuck with the settings and the machine then shits all over you, simple delete said layout and copy from the external thingy me bob! failing that delete layout, re download layout. if you can’t do that then don’t f with the layout in the first place
  11. vectra666

    Roller Coaster - Large DX

    Was there any progress made with this orchid?
  12. vectra666

    Road trip

    Looks buzzing to looking at various YouTube vids by Steve’s fruitys and jackpotbros
  13. New bulbs or large hammer or shagged Scorp4 board
  14. vectra666

    New arrivals today

    great buy, have you a list and photo's of each for us to drool over!!
  15. vectra666

    pretty penny arcade

    Sure there’s a vid of his arcade somewhere on here or YouTube