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  1. Here’s a shitty image lol
  2. There’s a classic layout already but really could do with a sparkly dx as one of the last Jpms to be dxed ftom this era
  3. Nasty disc reel in that something I haven’t done plus would need better images of bottom half
  4. Does the classic wip layout work perfectly now or is there still bugs on the bank switching if so I take it the one above is practically complete
  5. Get roms dumped and hi res pics if you do scrap it first to preserve it virtually
  6. enlarged version of crown dealer plays in mfme v20.1 Jpm's Crown Dealer £4.80 Dx.zip
  7. Looking awesome mate look forward to this one soon
  8. Roms are always useful for emulation what ones are there?
  9. thought i'd better release some stuff on here as it originated on here via the classic layout first
  10. Grab a Horse and join me for a wild west adventure, but be careful of those pesky red indian's if they catch you its a long awaited hair cut for you, literally here's a classic jpm at a time when fruit machines were a joy to play with plenty of gameplay, this was originally made in 1995 maybe just before or after the famous indiana jones Big thanks goto- the original Jpemu layout and the original 1024 layout used for a majority of the lamping postions to @infection for obtaining the two images used from a youtuber - fruityloopy 1980, not sure if he's a member on here or no
  11. Looks a good one, i seen on your youtube channel you had a shit of a day the car axle f"£d hope it don't cost too much, but i expect it will, at least the machine arrived safely don't know where you put em all, what will happen when you've filled every space up?
  12. can anyone remember what the hidden feature symbol is on the second reel, i have the orange balloon for mystery bonus??
  13. Roll Up, Roll Up, take a seat and go for a ride in this fun filled roller coaster of a slot from project coin (cir1996), have the thrill of your life on the big wheel or the dodgems, make a splash on the log flume or join the show in the Big Top. Collect golden tickets to hit the jackpot!!! Thanks goto @BL4K For giving images of his machine to @infection including the reel symbols and especially the orange balloon, not sure what the hidden feature symbol is on the 2nd reel so made it a big top tent. Also thanks goto @hitthesix for the original classic i made my classic and
  14. Need decent pictures taken @Simon Sevens maybe one for a pooky Dx @Big J
  15. Time for those Crazy Fruits again, this is actually the 3rd time i've made the £25 version (also did a £5 & £10 1024dx). The first time i made it squashed, 2nd time a mini 1024dx now its a bigger clearer version Thanks goto @Simon Sevens for images from the real machine via the mecca @Player for reel symbol images from the streak upload and to whoever made the original, original 1280 version from years back Usual shortcuts apply, Play in mfme v20.1 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Stay Safe, Stay In, Play FME!!! Casino Crazy Fruits Red £25 DXv1.01.
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