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  1. amazing to be able to this in an hour top stuff 🙂
  2. Nice one Joe, yep so many different options on the jackpots ...was there ever a 5p / £1 Blue or have i just made that up
  3. Morning Folks daft question for the experts we all know the mighty Red Eachway shuffle is 10p / £2 --grapes & Melons being £2 But what are the values on the JPM Blue EWS??? I thought the Blue EWS was 5p / £1 ... looking at the gallery i can see many variations on the theme but no original Blue EWS pics can any one help me out Cheers Stef
  4. Love it when you dont know the reel order Chris :-P makes the nudge gamble more interesting 😄
  5. Stunning photographs from a golden age of fruit machines and amusement arcades how they were love it thanks Dicky
  6. Incredible work Wayne, My brain just hurts thinking how i could do this. I bet this cab is gonna be in the Super heavyweight division when its complete PS i will take a flat pack kit once you start mass producing these Cabinets 😉
  7. lol i reckon i still have 3 sets of these in my loft
  8. Serious skills Wayne, I would go with a new bit considering how brilliant you have done so far..just buy the extra wood and make me a spare cab for my Moneybelt lol
  9. If it helps Chris Pin 11 on Plug 3 on both EWS and NDU is the wire to the 10p Token triac 😉 Just for reference Pin 9 on Plug 3 is the 10p Triac so if push came to shove you could potentially run a wire direct cheers Stef
  10. This is a pic of it Graham , what tech is this folks? Looks a bit like my Old Barcrest Cabaret 50
  11. I love Special Reserve and cant wait to see how you get on chap I may have a spare display but i cant remember if i pinched bits of it to help with my Reelcrazy ..will take a look I do have some spare triac boards knocking about as well Good Luck Stef
  12. Love that Jackpot sound ...and those solenoids firing like a machine gun !
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