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  1. ploggy

    some roms

    Super late to the party but wanted to say huge thanks for all these roms.
  2. It just needed the token triac to be added in the 'Output Mappings' bit, mate. The token triac was on Port 54. SRU machines use two triacs (tubes), that need to be added in the settings, and only the 10p tube triac was added (Port 53).
  3. Fascinating. Never knew such a machine existed. I would never have thought a SRU machine would have had a £6/20p version. Huge thanks to all involved in getting this out there. I've added the missing token triac to the layout, so now you should get the token payout sound effects when it pays out. Thanks again for the layout. Super Shuffle Fixed.zip
  4. You can get the lamp order from the test mode on the real machine. Just open the backdoor, press the 'Test' button then go to test number three. You should then be able to use the buttons to cycle through all the lamps the machine uses. It shows the number associated with the lamp on the credit display. 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,0A,0B, etc.
  5. I absolutely loved this machine. If you caught it right it could go absolutely mental on the jackpot holds. Saw £30+ token streaks a few times in the 90's. The emulated version doesn't seem as generous for some reason. Even when set on high percentage payout settings. Working out where all the lamps go on these Project machines is almost impossible without a manual; but if you've got the real machine, and all the lamps work, you could jot down where each lamp is located in the test mode. Or take a small video going through each one. The lamp test in number three.
  6. Looks great, mate. Always nice to see new Blackbox games emulated. Thanks for the layout.
  7. Here are some flier pictures of all the Cloud 999 variants. I've also added the full set of Cloud 999 roms from the rom-dat. Might be an all-cash £4.80 set in there somewhere. Didn't test them all on the emulator. Cloud 999 Fliers & Roms.zip
  8. If there was a £5 all-cash version of this it must have been a non-UK version. All machines in the UK, up to £8, were tokens only. So more than likely Irish-based, or IOM.
  9. Nice to see this old classic in DX-form. Thanks for the DX, mate. Excellent, as ever.
  10. Here's another small picture. Best I have.
  11. Well done, all, on getting it worked out. Looks like another 'unique' machine will soon be emulated. Don't remember seeing another ACE machine on system 1 with a flipper reel, except for Flip A Note. Picture attached. No roms available for FAN.
  12. Thanks for the rom. Nice to have the original V1 roms made available.
  13. The Monopoly SWP on MAME was set to 50% when I checked it on the emulator. Can't find the percentage settings on MFME for Barquest, Crystal Maze and Strike It Lucky. I'll keep looking.
  14. The percentages on the SWP's were set to 50% normally because each credit took longer than normal AWP's. Always stayed well clear of them.
  15. The only version done is the Dutch version like Barcrest Junky has shown above. The UK version, which I assume is the one originally shown, hasn't been done. Got a picture of the UK version. Came from riche100 originally.
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