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  1. As Canonman says but also check your IEC lead (kettle lead). In the arcades I’ve worked in 90% of earth issues is this.
  2. Im doing some clearing out at work and have some coin mech we no longer use and would rather give away here than chuck them. I Have 7 x C435A. 6 take the new £1, one does not, of the 6 that do, 1 does not have the sorter. 1 x C435A 8 x ME Astra spec, all take £1 coin, 2 have no sorter 4 x ME126 STD spec, 1 of which has no sorter 2 x MS115 that does not take the new £1 1 x SR5R, does not take the £1 nor can it 3 x ME115 (Has orange ADD on, bit before my time so not sure what they are called), 2 take the new £1 and 1 does not Im sure they work just not 100% sure, just we dont use them as we replaced with CF9524 or SR5i
  3. On those cabinets. Each USB port is assigned to a peripheral. One for MPU5, one for touch one for hasp (T7 cab). If you swapped the USB port you will need to put it back to the original port.
  4. Barcrest sent all there old stock to e-service but i know maggi do repair the PC's, we just re cap them but depends on what your skills are really. Do you know which MK pc you have? 3,4, or 5? if you open the door its in the info page
  5. Digby

    MPU Repair

    Yes, work in the industry, i must have dozens of MPU from maggi, e-servicve, suzo that are all BER. I know if they spend more than 30 min on trying to locate the issue they deam it BER which is fair enough but some electrocoins are worth there weight in gold still to this day
  6. cashflow DFX and cashflow 9524e are interchangeable as long as you are connecting vis the 17 pin connector. Issue you may come accross is if you use a sorter, the routing is stored in EEPROM on the 9524 wher the 126 requires a routing plug. Not sure if you have a sorter or not. The LED going red on its own normily indicates a blocked OPTO. Just bare in mind that the acceptance is better on 9524 than on the 126 as the coin files were genarated properly where the 126 would be teach and run, i would advise to get it repaired then put back in.
  7. Digby

    MPU Repair

    Does anyone here repair MPU's? I have loads of IO3's, Electrocoin Z80 and pluto5 MPU that are all according to the usual repair places BER. Just want to gauge the possibility of reviving these. Just putting the feelers out. Thanks
  8. This is the larger Z80 MPU
  9. yea, that looks like it, it has the alpha numeric display rather than 7 seg display and in the MK2 cabinet
  10. oxo golden bars, oxo 777 and there was another machine i can not remember the name but it was a section 16 and was £500 and when the regs changed to B3 we converted it down to £125 (5 independent games of £25 jackpot each). It was something like bar x 500 / bar x 125 but can not fine anything when i search that. I think then we converted them to £70 as the £125 was a bit of a loop hole that manufactures used in 2007
  11. They run on electrocoin "oXo" machines like oxo club, oxo super reels (these were 3 or 4 player machines with a top box), oxo golden bars (casino and sit-down cabinet) etc. MPU is around 20 years old. they use 512mb ROMS and have an add on card at the bottom for IO. Its a pretty solid MPU, I never experienced may failures with them when we ran machines with them in. There were some conversion kits from dimond games back in the day that used this MPU
  12. Digby

    Touch screen

    Never worked on one of them so not sure on the internals. Caps look ok? 5v rail stable?
  13. Haha no you don’t need it as well but if you are desoldering a d sub connector it’s best to remove most of the solder from the retaining clips with the wick as these can have a lot of solder.
  14. Digby

    Touch screen

    On the back of the monitor there will be a small PCB which is the digitiser, the LED goes brighter when you touch the screen. Does it do that on your machine? out of interest , what cabinet it it? It will say on the side. It will start with FV so for example FV762 or FV600
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