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  1. Hi I guess this is dumped yes? Many thanks
  2. Always loved that machine, remember it fondly at the coast you could have cooked eggs on the glass with the heat, fond memories.
  3. Terrible, well over 50 years trading there, feel for the people who have lost there jobs.
  4. Lovely job mate many thanks for this.
  5. Hi all, would anyone have the printouts and or switch settings please for this credit board? Many thanks
  6. If it wasn't for the deal or no deals this news would have come a lot sooner I would think, shame all confined to history of what is left of the industry.
  7. Very sad indeed, the market has changed so much and the bars are still closing or struggling.
  8. These PSU bite if you're not careful! I found this out on about the second one I was working on. Whilst changing some components I made sure that the PSU was switched off with it's mains switch. What I didn't realise was there's 240v AC live on the 4 pin light socket which bypasses the mains switch. Even at my age it made me jump. 🤦‍♂️ Same here, I got quite a blast from that connector 🤣
  9. So say they are removed the rifas that is and you have a mains filter fitted, what's the situation with the machine, is the psu going to fail elsewhere down the line, I have a couple that this has been done and are running grand for now but you recommend they are replaced then?
  10. Yes, that was the Ace Coin 100 Series.
  11. Remember this one well, thankyou for all the work, yes before it all came crashing to an end.
  12. Another mps up and going got the power supply sorted and the mech etc, many thanks to the wizard Louie Bee for sorting the mps 2 board 👍. This plays as I remember it, terrible lol you can get a hold on the jackpot but as I said to Steve Lancett the nudge gamble is a slap in the face lol.
  13. Keep at it, your doing great work here.
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