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  1. andy-1

    Roms 19 11 20

    Thank You
  2. andy-1

    What Mazooma artwork is required

    Many thanks Player.
  3. andy-1

    A few more roms 12 11 20

    Many thanks for the resources.
  4. andy-1

    Barcrest Super Bucks Fizz

    Thank you
  5. andy-1

    Astra's twin dragons classic

    Thank you
  6. andy-1

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    Interesting looking machine, well done on saving it Steve.
  7. andy-1

    Ace - Hot Shot

    Thank you
  8. andy-1

    Capt n Bear

    Here is Capt n Bear by Coinworld set on £10 Jackpot and 20p play. Unfortunately it is mute as the sound rom is missing, hopefully it will turn up one day. I have tried other Bear machine sounds in this but they are all jumbled up. According to the flyer it uses samples from Bear Streak. Thanks go to: Hitthesix for the set up help in getting this running Wizard for his amazing emulator BF74 for the image of the flyer Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy. Please use MFME 20.1 or above to play this. Captain Bear Release.zip
  9. andy-1

    BFM - Hi-Lo Silver 2p

    Thank You
  10. andy-1

    BFM - Hi-Lo Silver £4

    Thank You
  11. andy-1

    New arrivals today

    Amazing collection, good luck with them
  12. andy-1

    BFM Big Deal

    Thank You
  13. andy-1

    Up and Under

    Thank You Riche
  14. andy-1

    Up and Under

    Here is Up and Under by Project Coin set on 20p play £6 Jackpot. There are no big images of this so the names for features are possibly incorrect but is still an enjoyable game. There is a twin machine to this called playing a round, hopefully the roms turn up one day. Thanks go to Hitthesix for the image and help to create this layout Wizard for his amazing emulator Shortcuts are in the notes Hope you enjoy Please use MFME v20 or above Up and Under Release.zip
  15. andy-1

    Global - Chequred Flag

    Thank You