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  1. It may be worth contacting the Arcade Club as they collect all the video gsmes, restore them and then the public can visit their venues and pay an entrance fee to play them.
  2. Thanks for sharing, some great arcade machines in there some are probably rare now. Love to have come across this arcade.
  3. Thank you for the roms. Look forward to seeing whats there.
  4. Many thanks for sourcing these roms.
  5. Here is Good Fortune by Project, this is set on £5 and 5p play. From what I have read this was only ever released on this stake. Thanks go to: The rom provider Hitthesix for playtesting and help Loo for the manual Wizard for his amazing emulator, R.I.P Chris never to be forgotten. Shortcuts are in the notes Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy. Good Fortune Release.zip
  6. No manuals I'm aware of but, there are layouts for some of these. Happy days has a classic done Heat is on also has a classic done. Fun in the sun or fun on the run I'm going to be doing a classic of as there isn't one yet. As I'm not at my pc I can't remember which one it is.
  7. andy-1


    Thanks for the manuals.
  8. Many thanks for the roms.
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