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    I have 62 machines in a 3 bed terrace dating from 1979 to 1990. My era of best game's.


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  1. stevelancett


    Very nice 😀
  2. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    In action 🎬 😎 👌
  3. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    The guy i spoke to was great. He worked there since 85. And remembers these. He said old Mpu3 Barcrest machine's were sent there for stripping down. And they used the parts to make these. They supply machine's to the industry now days. From the same site 😁
  4. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    I spoke to them 😆
  5. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    And there still there according to maps 😄😄
  6. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    Question answered. By the one and only Ron 😁😁
  7. stevelancett

    Get Lucky (Mpu3)

    I won this machine on ebay last night. Surprised at the price. But i guess that's the gamble. Anyway im interested to know who might of made this. The seller tells me it came with the house in 1990. Was already there. And up until a few weeks ago was fully working on old 10p and 20p Tokens. Which are going with the machine. Its definitely after 1984. As i can see pound coins 😇 He cant find a maker's mark. Very strange cabinet. And possibly the only £4 Mpu3 in existence. Very Mpu4 on how the alpha display works. Is it possible its home made 🤔 Any ideas folk's. I get it after work tomorrow. Hopefully before any more bullshit lockdown 😁🙃
  8. stevelancett

    Bell-Fruit Super Play (Black Box)

    The Black Box is fine. But it does have a intermittent fault. Which luckily for me i know what it is. As TwoStep sometimes does it. Reel sensor not working. Then working 10 minutes later. I have a few new ones that Bob made. But i only change them when forced 😊
  9. stevelancett

    Bell-Fruit Super Play (Black Box)

    Hahahaha Rum Ole Boy 🤣🤣🤣
  10. stevelancett

    ACE go for gold

    I like them on old big 10 and 50p,s for better clang. But the 10p mechanical mech is easy to alter if you want. The mars mech would have to be re programmed for the new small 50p. The 20p has never changed 🙂
  11. stevelancett

    ACE go for gold

    I have one. And it works 😋😂🙂
  12. stevelancett

    Barcrest MPU3 ram, grab it while you can!

    Awesome thank you. Got 2 lots. Not many left 😊
  13. stevelancett

    Bell-Fruit Super Play (Black Box)

    Another Black Box Running 😁🙂
  14. stevelancett

    Bell-Fruit Super Play (Black Box)

    Hopefully will have a look at this on Sunday 🙂
  15. stevelancett

    Bell-Fruit Super Play (Black Box)

    Its just arrived. Good job im on nights 😊