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  1. mavroz

    System 5 JPM Diagram

    Do you have to be a donator to download?
  2. mavroz

    simpsons test software for epoch

    Yes but there may have been a soak test in the test rom, a la the Barcrest rig which just cycles through all the outputs etc (meters/lamps) and may not necessarily need a game rom. Just seems strange to have an adapted Simpsons set.
  3. mavroz

    simpsons test software for epoch

    I had to add a hopper (obviously) to the rig I made but you do not need the big steel box etc, just the hopper from an Epoch based machine. The full loom isn't used either. Some Epoch machines had 2 hoppers for pounds and twenty pence coins. There are also wires for the test switches etc that may not be needed for your rig. The more difficult part would be faffing with reels.
  4. mavroz

    simpsons test software for epoch

    What I find strange is that Maygay made a test rom set "The Simpsons" surely they would have made a "Test" Rom set instead of just modifying a game set. Seems like little or no effort went into it When I first saw this I would have swore it was a rig that had been made up by a repair company (Not Maygay) but when I saw the identical same unit with Simpson's test roms I changed my mind unless both rigs were made for the same repair company. I know the PC based test software and bridged programming rig was a Maygay Product and Software. The rigs in the pictures have no identification they were made by Maygay do they ? Unlike the Barcrest ones that carry the company name.
  5. mavroz

    simpsons test software for epoch

    Good luck, it is obviously out there but i have seen nothing like it in a decade or so of looking.
  6. mavroz

    simpsons test software for epoch

    Correct, i used 4 x reels in my rig.
  7. mavroz

    Broken Epoch Mpu's

    I used to be generous also but the thing is it very rarely came back. Time after time, I agreed to pay people what they wanted for items asking for a PayPal to gift money to and then silence...... Pm's being ignored, even when they had been read. Eventually I got a reply saying the item had been broken or it was right at the back of the shed behind this, that or the other and it would have to be dug out.... Still waiting to this day, yes that was via the Mecca and some of it's members. I would prefer people to say nothing than promise things then avoid, lie and make excuses. Lesson learned. I sold pretty much everything, all my machines bar 3 and nearly all of my spares etc. Yes i still get a bit of swag every now and again when I get a lead from past sellers but most goes online or to friends I have met over time. I do have some Epoch boards (sell a lot of items online and you get many many messages offering to buy 'any' boards in any condition before anyone else gets a chance to even see them). If duds with battery rot are fetching 40 quid, then sod it, if that's what they want to pay for advertised non runners, then bring it on.. That's unfortunately the way it is for me now but enough said. Enjoy.
  8. mavroz

    Broken Epoch Mpu's

    I sell all my Fruit Machine items as 'untested' as they are 'untested', 'untried' and are sold as spares or repair. I have done it this way for many years with everything i clear out that i don't want. I don't have the time to try the things that i could, i don't have the time to mess around with board repairs for a buyer to put it in their knackered machine, destroy it then start whinging and whining it doesn't work as they do all so regularly. They tried it with Mpu4 boards that i sold as 100% working which they were and they soon came unstuck! Just saying, i am one that sells items 'untested' as you said you have no idea who does.😉
  9. mavroz

    Am I missing something

    I miss the early 90's.... And Fletcher's Sausage rolls.... (Hull people will know what I am talking about.)
  10. mavroz

    MFME 1.98

    You will probably have to introduce yourself and maybe make a few constructive posts first.
  11. mavroz

    Manual uploads

    Thank you.
  12. mavroz

    Extreme - Double Dragon Project

    The game roms and sound roms are fine that have been uploaded above. They run fine in the emulator, well at least the 0.3 set do. Not sure why they don't run in the real machine other than a knackered board, or as said need the roms re-burning. (Not sure why the roms would be erased) I don't think that is quite right about the boot chip being there for rom sizing. It was an unimplemented security feature. (Well, mostly un-implemented). I am sure someone will argue i am wrong, it is what i have been told many times in the past and it seems logical to me. I say this as i have an Extreme machine sat here, that has the same file sizes / Eprom requirement as the Double Dragon software but only 1 x sound rom and the boot chip in this machine is V6. So, V8 cannot really be anything to do with the Eprom size selection. The only explanation i have is that V8 chips were originally used for Extreme games (their boot chips could have been allocated V8) and this is the original MPU with the Double Dragon machine. Other extreme machines may have had replacement MPU's put in them with the original Boot chip on the board, the most common being V6 and as previously experiments show, most boot chips will work with most manufacturers such as Global, Impulse , Maygay etc etc. I am pretty sure when i had my Epoch test rig i made a video with the rig running Global Software, changing the Boot chip (V4,V6,V8 and V10 i think). This didn't make a blind bit of difference to whether the game ran or not. The only software that wouldn't use any old boot chip was AC games (or Cool Games), Poker Face, which had to have the V10 boot chip or again, if i remember correctly the Alpha Display showed "Invalid Prom Opt"... Good luck. Ps, could do with the number reelband scanning or good photos of the numbers along with the noodle carton from the reel bands. Photo's may be the best option as the glue used on these bands is a twat and usually means breaking the bands removing them.
  13. Put a picture of the board in this thread showing the battery and surrounding area. This may have leaked giving you a "fried" Mpu as it may have caused 50vac to go where it shouldn't. PSU is probably fine. If it has..... New Mpu required.
  14. mavroz

    Global - Stake Yer Claim

    Ok, I assumed the mask auto adjusted its size to the size of the lamp and have never really noticed. I think everything I have done has been copied and re-applied.
  15. mavroz

    Global - Stake Yer Claim

    Thanks. Why not mask one lamp then copy the masks and paste in selections to save time? ... Takes seconds.