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  1. Real dick twitcher that!
  2. There might be some reel scans of this machine from when I owned it on the mecca in my downloads. Those decals are much better
  3. 'tis in good nick Taffy, I bet it really sort after 😂
  4. Get your ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ ready for that piggy Welcome
  5. Sad state of affairs especially at Christmas. Hope everyone finds employment elsewhere
  6. Jesus look at those three, my sack is dry as a nuns chuff after that
  7. Silver Circles! Number Nudger! maybe one day
  8. I think the stepping increased in speed the longer you took and if you missed the jackpot taking too long it would make you want to scream
  9. OMFG Just had a quick shufty. I nearly snapped my banjo string! ❤️ THANK YOU
  10. Ahhh this was mine. Gave it a full service and stripdown. Nice machine but a bit boring in the end
  11. Search my files for 777HeavenFINAL_21cm.pub the last ones I made that print on a standard printer, extract the jpegs if you want to manipulate the images and the back-masks are in another 777 folder elsewhere. You'll need to print 2 x sets to get 3 bands.
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