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  1. launton

    Double Top - JPM (SRU)

    Real dick twitcher that!
  2. launton

    Today in isolation

    There might be some reel scans of this machine from when I owned it on the mecca in my downloads. Those decals are much better
  3. launton

    3 latest additions

    'tis in good nick Taffy, I bet it really sort after 😂
  4. launton

    Grab the bank

    Get your ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ ready for that piggy Welcome
  5. launton

    Bell Fruit closing

    Sad state of affairs especially at Christmas. Hope everyone finds employment elsewhere
  6. launton

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Jesus look at those three, my sack is dry as a nuns chuff after that
  7. launton

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    My poor wrist!
  8. launton

    Spot Light MPU2

    Silver Circles! Number Nudger! maybe one day
  9. launton

    Rock On (MPU2) DX

    I think the stepping increased in speed the longer you took and if you missed the jackpot taking too long it would make you want to scream
  10. launton

    MFME v19 Release

    Ta very muchly
  11. launton

    Rock On (MPU2) DX

    OMFG Just had a quick shufty. I nearly snapped my banjo string! ❤️ THANK YOU
  12. launton

    IMG 20170715 124444

    Ahhh this was mine. Gave it a full service and stripdown. Nice machine but a bit boring in the end
  13. launton

    777 Heaven Reel Bands

    Search my files for 777HeavenFINAL_21cm.pub the last ones I made that print on a standard printer, extract the jpegs if you want to manipulate the images and the back-masks are in another 777 folder elsewhere. You'll need to print 2 x sets to get 3 bands.
  14. launton

    Reel Band Production

    Feelin' the love