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  1. Ron, I have similar wiper contacts on one of my pinball machines. What would you recommend to clean them. It’s low voltage / low current input back to the main board. Thanks Oldskooler
  2. They didn't completely disappear. I did see some of these on cash payout in the midlands on a 5p stake back in the late 90's. Also, some were converted to ticket redemption machines, which Blackpool pleasure beach had them in spades. Oldskooler
  3. Why?..well the duff beer guide next to it is set at 25p 5 quid jackpot, and the kids love it. Now just trying to get people to play the big brother. It's set at 15 quid 25p fixed at 70% Near impossible to get that happy. I was wondering if there was an 8 quid version of it..that could be interesting. Oldskooler
  4. Hello everyone, Rare that I post here these days, I do read a lot of the forums, but I feel that my resources are further back in the archives. Anyway, I did import a MPU5 Big Brother and a EPOCH Duff Beer Guide. They have been sold to a friend, who likes them..and they are still running. My question is: The Big Brother switches between 15 and 25 quid jackpot. I thought that could be dropped to 5 quid?. I have tried the dips, and the alpha displays invalid jackpot. So?..is there a muilt stake and prize rom for big brother. I would like an 8 quid all cash if available..
  5. Most of my fading memory would be focused on machines, I had good times on. Namely JPM's in the early 80's, then Crests, back to JPM's in the 90's and Crests again until 2004. My memory starts on late EM machines with 50p jackpots, way upto 25 quid Maygays and JPM's. I'm sure there's a lot of folks who remember the classics, but not so much the test machines. And that can be tricky. As they were sited in random places, and recalling them isn't easy Example Maygay EPOCH machines such as Monte Carlo or Bust, or Maximum Overdrive (4 reel AWP) both 15 quid. BGT Millenium Bug. T
  6. Played this a lot back in the day, and all the great sounds are there. For the life of me, I cannot recall what the jackpot tune is..Can somebody let me know what it is?! Thanks. Statto
  7. OK..I do remember this one. Simply because I worked at Knowsley Safari Park, and the arcade had three of these machines. It was called 21 Pontoon (I think....) first two reels had court cards and aces, the third reel had a cash amount. We had the 2p 2.40 roms. So two of a kind awarded a ....a free game / respin.. Cards could land on the winline only half. Which I think was sloppy. Just a blank reel space with a black diamond would of been an improvement The cabinets they was in, where rebuilds of MPS cabinets. Cannot recall the manufacturer, but not a well known one fo
  8. One of the biggest problems us old crusty folk have is the memory. I can recall machines from decades ago. The artwork, the manufacturer, the arcade I first saw it, wins, losses etc. The ACTUAL name of the machine...errrrrmmm..it was a MPU3 snake based machine with lots of squares..that kind of detail isn't what you need. Better than nothing I suppose. Statto
  9. What about test machines?, as there was plenty of them. I might be able to recall a few..who knows? Statto
  10. I did play this in several arcades in Brum. It was a £6 token jackpot to begin with. Housed in the short astra cab, the used for The Colour Of Money. The had a clone which was a leprechaun rainbow riches theme, (I cant remember the name)..but the gameplay was exactly the same. Insane token streaks, which continued even with the £8 upgrade. I don’t think this was converted to all cash, those cabinets quickly disappeared. Statto
  11. So..playing this great classic, and gambling up to the jackpot. Didn't notice the repeat chance on the 4th reel. So..it repeated..and repeated AND repeated..16 quid tokens..blimey..unheard of. Must of been very happy. Oldskooler
  12. Maygay released an EPOCH test machine called Discovery 2000. It failed, I only ever saw it in one arcade in Walsall West Mids. It had a similar layout to the original, and the object of the game was to reach 2000 points. Reels had overlaid points, which (I dimly recall) started the feature at 500 points. Artwork was quite futuristic, (I.e. bright, and in yer face). I suppose Maygay was hoping this success may have opened doors for other retro themed machines. Nah..we wanted Simpsons. Jet Streams, Manhatten Skylines, Sprints, Lightning Strikes, I saw mostly in the pub trade, Ar
  13. Played this a lot. It's a clone of an earlier Project, can't recall it's name. All I remember is a mental token streak, if you made it to the end. Oldskooler
  14. Loved this machine, always good for a few wins, and quite easily to land the jackpot (well in my experience) CTL stood for what?..can't remember now. One question..did this machine have the gold glitter bands??, like most CTL rebuilds??. Downloading it now, and thanks Frig for bringing this great machine back to life. Statto
  15. Can you imagine this in an arcade now?..It would cause a riot. However the 90's was such an enlightened decade. If you think this is risque, Astra released a short roll top low tech called Wicked Willie. 27 way feature entry that was a 4th reel that spun to different cash values, the bigger the cash value..the bigger the image on the reel. Anyone remember this?....I think you'd be hard to forget it.. Statto..oooer misses
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