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  1. niftynudger

    What's this on marketplace?

    The game play is that of a £50 mpu3 special series.
  2. niftynudger

    System 80 help if possible 🙂

    I’m no expert rob but have you checked the oil and water?
  3. niftynudger

    Like Fruit machines Yorkie Bars are not for Girls

    Yeah the lefty offended by everything types have a field day with that one..
  4. niftynudger

    photo of a jpm sys80 engineers test box please

    Life and humans suck!! Brilliant😂 I’m going to start using that.
  5. niftynudger

    Old truckstop photo

    Yeah your not wrong mate,set breakfast beans or tomatoes with tea £1.
  6. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    That’s one way yes.
  7. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    Yep piece of piddle.
  8. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    No strimming...apparently.
  9. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    Thank you,they became the most desirable machine to defraud to the most undesirable to defraud on the removal of the collect.. so they say..😉
  10. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    In attact on guab’s it would show you the version number or disk on the screen,there was a collect option if you say inserted a pound and only played one credit then you could collect,but it got removed at some point so you had to play Five games for your pound no collect,it was around version 14 I think.
  11. niftynudger

    Just Got This

    Do you know the edition number when the press c for collect option disappeared was it 14?
  12. niftynudger

    triple hold on ebay

    So that’s what was in the pubs while I was being breast fed..
  13. niftynudger

    triple hold on ebay

    1970s! Looks like it came out of a bomber command mess hut 1944.
  14. niftynudger

    Adders and ladders £2 jp

    Reckon they’d be pretty early they are from my £2 adders,must have been around for about ten years or so now.
  15. niftynudger

    ebay machine

    Were you the hovis lad?