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  1. I remember one particular school summer holidays when I was 14 or 15. If I was bored at home after lunch I used to walk 30 minutes along the seafront into town and play stuff like Crack the Nut and Copper Run in the arcades. There was one arcade that had two Spoofs, a Black Hole, a JPM Take 2 and a few other 2p games at the back and they were great games to play to pass the time. PCP Fruit Connexxion was another one I liked, with the 'Wild Reel' skill feature that could go for 50p. To make my money last a bit longer before the long walk home again I'd walk onto the pier and play video
  2. Might be this https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/13153-on_line_pcp_dx01_1-50jpjpg/
  3. Good evening 🙂 With another lockdown weekend approaching, what better way to spend it than by banging a few quid through a nice 2p PCP game from the late 80s? There's a slight backstory to this layout. There was a resources group-buy over 13 years back for this machine kindly organised by @VINNY130172 which myself and a few good people chipped in for. Vinny fixed it back up so it was working but unfortunately due to storage issues he had to move the machine on, so it ended up with me. It stayed in my garage getting played very infrequently for years and it was a shame having
  4. Can't beat a nice 2p'er 😃 Cheers Ginge!
  5. It was this looped three times. Pretty underwhelming given the rest of the sounds they put in... Omega Jackpot.wav
  6. Oh man, what a delightful treat this is 😀 Those sounds bring it all back - Bronski Beat, Black Box, Fine Young Cannibals, Steve Silk Hurley, Sabrina Johnston, Dream Warriors...my word, they're all there! Massive thanks to all involved for getting those sound ROMs 👍
  7. That CHHRRRRHHH sound when it pays out 🤣 Splendid stuff!
  8. I'd love Moonshot ROMs to turn up. Got offered one for £25 about 20 years back but turned it down. Haven't seen or heard of one since - used to love the sound it made for WOFMHT. One of the last Ace lines games in that cab that we don't any resources for, Aladdins Cave (clone of Swop Shop) being another.
  9. Nice to see a blue Pink Panther again. Used to love the Eurythmics hi/lo sample 😀
  10. I remember there being a group buy for one of these many years back for emulation purposes. The one we bought was in a right state compared to this one. I see it's back up on eBay - I hope whoever buys it looks after it and enjoys it. Amazing condition. @Fruits1m- nice to see you posting again, hope you're well 😀 I've still got that Happy Viper glass!
  11. It's just a few manuals for Astra machines, nothing too old or exciting but they might help someone None of the other FME sites have a manuals section so I was going to put them here.
  12. Hi all, I've got some manuals to upload but I don't have permissions. If a mod could let me in that would be great! Cheers, Steve
  13. Well that is a really sad picture
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