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  1. shamrock


    If you decide to use transfer paper you can reverse the image to stick to underside of image. Check out the thread on here, printing on glass.
  2. Any idea why they are buzzing,this is happening on two machines.
  3. Hi Guy's, this question relates to Starpoint reels MPS2. Is there a way to reduce the voltage going to the reels,the reels as you will know are 24v and there is 26v going to them,I think this could be causing the buzzing from the reels when idle.
  4. shamrock

    mpu 3

    A simple diagram
  5. Will they have changed the bottom glass because their pod has been fitted.
  6. Hi Magik,I never bid on these,the guy contacted me after ebay pulled the auction,it was a bit out of the blue as it was a while back that I left my number asking if anything came up for sale to contact me.The bar x has the mab pod fitted,it's the first one I have seen.
  7. Hi Guy's,just taken delivery of 5 machines from a local arcade,should keep me busy for a while,I will put photo's on later.all I have done at the moment is power them up,all working fine.The lot included 2 Super Nudge Gamblers, Bar X, Big 7 and a snakes and ladders MPU5 in casino cab.The only problem at the moment is the arcade kept all leads and locks.
  8. Nice one John,now you've sorted that out can I borrow your hand bag.
  9. I'm at the office all day,i'll let you know tonight what the mach is.
  10. Wiring has now gone. Parts still available are,coin mech,reels and payout units with tubes and sensors.
  11. Sorry mate,the board was claimed earlier.
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