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  1. Looks fantastic big lad, well done on your first layout and you've certainly picked a cracker to start! I'll give this a bash, it was always a good bit of fun in my local pub many moons ago. Plenty of rounds bought with tokens from this!
  2. Nick likes his wanking fodder fruity videos nice and long so he can really "get into it"
  3. Very good of you mate - your work is always appreciated!
  4. Wonderful - thanks very much for this mate! I played the £6 version of this many a time and it's a great game. It'll be good giving this a blast again.
  5. Generally other collector's garages!
  6. How on earth did I miss this??? Fantastic layout, this is a very cool machine with a lot of nice little quirks. Managed £3.70 on the coin shoot (annoyingly missed a couple of coins) but will keep going.
  7. FANTASTIC!! Love this machine, and you've really done it justice. Thanks so much for this stunning release!! Good to see you back mate, hope all is well
  8. You're better off at www.desertislandfruits.com for the emulation side of things. You could also try www.fruit-emu.com
  9. I wouldn't hold your breath mate, I think they're gonna be sky high for a while yet!
  10. 3M 5925 Double sided heavy duty mounting waterproof VHB foam tape 10mm width Sticks like shite to a blanket, great gear!
  11. I think you might have missed a tech there Nick!
  12. Haha some nice sharp drillbits will do the job, hopefully you'll get a nice bundle of old coins ant tokens inside there too. Please keep us updated with pictures and progress, I'm interested to see how this works out.
  13. Yeah well well overpriced at £300. Shame about the missing trim too. It always makes me laugh when people take photos like this. Lazy cunt could at least move some of the shit out of the way first!
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