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  1. If you didn't insist on polishing every screw to within an inch of its' life then you might manage it!
  2. Looks great @Ginge74not one I know but will certainly give this a good go!
  3. Rude. I'll take it out on your missus later!
  4. Steve, can you take a picture on the sticker below that tells you what the switch settings actually do please?
  5. Guys, Could someone possibly take a photo of the DIP switch settings for a JPM Reel Crazy and post it up here please? Thanks
  6. This was even rarer as it's the £3 version. Never saw one of these in the wild, but quite a few of the 2p play £1.50 jackpot versions.
  7. Unless the insulation on the wiring is actually cracking or showing signs of severe deterioration then I'd leave it alone. I'd replace the RIFAs and anything else that is out of tolerance, test it wit a meter then stick it in a machine to make sure it works as it should.
  8. Welcome back Mr Wink, sorry to hear about the COVID but hope you fully recover soon. Great picture and thanks for the link. A lot of nostalgia going on there!
  9. Looking at the size of the tray, this machine probably doesn't pay out coins, certainly not large wins anyway. There is a counter on the top glass which registers how many coins you win, then the attendant will pay you the win and reset the counter. I'd be interested to see if there is a hopper in the machine?
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