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  1. superbank

    Eachway shuffle deluxe

    You treating your old woman for Xmas??
  2. superbank


    @riche100 can you help??
  3. superbank

    Adders and ladders £2 jp

    Thanks Tony!
  4. superbank

    Global - King of the Swingers

    Thanks @Clo06
  5. superbank


    Ah yes, decorum Dave....
  6. superbank


    Not sure if you've been buried under a fucking rock this last week, but in case you have then I'll let you know that the author of the emulator that you're bitching on about, a good friend to many on these forums, has died at the age of 55. Show a bit of respect, I'm sure you'll get what you want at some point.
  7. superbank

    exchanges unlimited 2p play

    I'd say £200-£300 for this.
  8. superbank


    Welcome! It was me who pointed you over here from Facebook.
  9. superbank

    jpm sru board can anyone repair them?

    @fat bloke pictures a a good description are needed if possible.
  10. superbank

    BFM - Easy Money

    Thanks @Clo06
  11. superbank

    super shuffle sru classic

    Lovely lovely lovely - thanks a lot for this Seb!
  12. superbank

    MFME v19 Release

    Kev - Reg got back to me, he's looked and there's no Quattrohead account name on the system. Did you register there under a different name? Drop me a PM if you want with some details and we can get something sorted.
  13. superbank

    MFME v19 Release

    Kev, I've sent Reg at DIF a message. I'll let you know when he gets back to me...
  14. superbank

    Mps pcb battery

    Ideally you want to wire a battery remote from the board to avoid any future damage. It will boot just fine without a battery, but it won't hold any data so it'll be like playing a brand new machine every time you turn the power on.