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  1. Very nice, love the way you've done the target lamps, looks really cool! Thanks for this release @Clo06 its good fun to play.
  2. Very nice, thanks a lot @Clo06 Thanks to @Playerfor the resources too, so good to get this emulated and preserved.
  3. Old Sulzer likes his fruit vids more than I like my Xhamster, and that's saying something!!
  4. Very nice, thanks @Clo06
  5. Will be great to see this emulated, these old ACE machines are..... ace! Thanks for the resources John, top work.
  6. Looks stunning @Clo06 Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  7. Ah well, there's an hour of my life I'm not getting back! Thanks for clearing that up, next up is Eastenders....
  8. I've got a set of glasses for this, and the reels too I think @hitthesix did a great classic on £4.80 all cash, and I've got the £4.80 token ROMs too if needed. It's gonna be a while though as they're well well buried. Something for another day mate but I'll definitely get you some good quality photo's first chance I get.
  9. Clever cunt, there's no doubt about that. Can't stand his superior "I'm better than you" attitude, he was a proper condescending prick at times.
  10. Gutted for you Ronnie that was bargain of the decade!! I've see n this so much on Facebook - you have to be in there and collect almost immediately otherwise someone will come over the top and gazump you. Hopefully their car catches fire when they're driving it home with a smug grin on their face!!
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233975623821?hash=item367a08b08d:g:Y3UAAOSwdq5gfKFA
  12. Looks fantastic big lad, well done on your first layout and you've certainly picked a cracker to start! I'll give this a bash, it was always a good bit of fun in my local pub many moons ago. Plenty of rounds bought with tokens from this!
  13. Nick likes his wanking fodder fruity videos nice and long so he can really "get into it"
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