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  1. Will any alpha display from a mpu4 machine work??
  2. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Well i have disconected the meters and got error 63 plugged them back in and no more error codes!! Played for a bit and all looks to be fine, i did notice that after playing the machine just sits there, should it not run throught some kind of demo ?
  3. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    I did take the coin tubes out to change some bulbs, will check this tomorrow. Is there anywhere i can get all the error codes?? Do i need the meters?
  4. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Been reading that tonight, Dont have a working display so not sure of the error 60 code. I have tryed removing the coin level sensors and sticking tape on them so they think there full, but still code 60 alarm going off
  5. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Ok now getting error 60 all the time, i think it must have something to do with the coin mech as it was fine untill i stuck some cash in. Think i need to buy a machine that work to technical for me all this
  6. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Where can i get a list of alarm codes? now getting a 60 when door shut.
  7. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Got some fuses from halfords today, last place i tried, didnt think they would have them. Back up and running thanks again for all the help
  8. got the power sorted, Just need a display for this now
  9. Hi all i am after a MPU4 power supply and a Display for my adders & ladders machine. Anyone got one kicking about??
  10. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Well i thought i would try another baord in my machine, not a good idea, think i have blown the power supply or a fuse, where would i get a set of fuses from??
  11. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    I take it all the displays are the same as long as its from an mpu4 machine
  12. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Think this could be my display problem Can a replace this with anything off an mpu4 board as i have 2 spare
  13. smccullie

    Mpu4 board

    Moved the reels abit and bingo machine plays woohoo!!! Just need to get the display working now Thanks for all the help people
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