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  1. Hi Wizard. I have the QPS version of this machine and have been looking for the £15 ROM set for years, dont suppose you could help me please? Would be very grateful. Gav.
  2. Hi I have the 5/10p £6t version but would love the £6 cash version I have a mini pro and chips, you couldnt help me with finding the ROMs please. Gav
  3. Hi all, never done the forum thing before. I grew up in the eighties in Westward Ho! a seaside holiday destination with loads of fruities so thats all I ever did, Now repair and try to keep alive the classic's with a friend we have many, classic club's to nineties fav's. Im looking for a site that I can download ROMs from but dont really know how to go about it, I found this one http://rmanager.free.fr/download.html, but dont know how to extract files. I do have a chips and a mini pro and have done some from emulators so its not the programming its finding the roms I need, for example simply
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