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  1. I read a post where phil74 says he likes to find, play and then move on but not seen anything as yet
  2. So guys it seems so many of you have classic machines. Is there some secret way of sourcing them as I half expected a for sale page here. I look regularly on eBay and gumtree but nothing like old jpm or mpu3, just modern naff stuff.
  3. Nice read BF64. The BwB premises were on the industrial estate in Newark as in the article. It’s now home to reflex gaming
  4. Nifty nudger, the pool hall was on castlegate in Newark on Trent. It’s now a martial arts centre.
  5. Scoodyemu that’s a nice looking classic there. Yes Superbank, £3 step n skip were rare but interestingly the one I played was changed to £3 at the same time rat race and ace chase were taken out of the pool hall I went to. I’ve never seen a £3 Ace Chase until that picture. Wouldn’t I so love to own all 3 of those.......oh and the Barcrest Matchit of course 😊
  6. Thanks all. Ive seen that picture BF part of a Barcrest 3 advert. Same picture also has Ace Chase and Rat Race on. All 3 were next to each other in my local pool hall. It’s a shame it’s missing the colour but hey ho. What would we give for those 3 machines today ?
  7. Moved on from this to mpu3, usual favourites I guess like rat race and online. Used to be in a local pool hall, had to get the 10pm bus home as had to be in for 11. The amount of times I gambled my 28p bus fare home and lost. Had to jog the 4 miles back Lol Whilst I’m thinking does anyone own a step n skip? Or any videos? Can’t see anything on YouTube and barely anything on Google.
  8. Was just reading this with interest as some have just helped me discover the name of this machine. what was the outcome? Did it get sorted and so surprised someone actually still has one.
  9. Ned, never saw one in arcade, probably I was young? All the gamblers I remember in the arcades around that time were 1p and 2p play. Some were Bell fruits and others had the big silver lever in the middle on the front
  10. A video too. Not sure my description was totally correct about the gamble reel. Can’t believe there was one still alive 11 years ago on YouTube
  11. Wow....that’s exactly it. Omg!! The very first machine I played. It was in a place just outside Skegness called Chapel st Leonard’s in the Happy Days Club. Thanks so much
  12. I’m trying to trace the name of a machine I used to play around 1979-1982. Going from memory it looked old then. Can’t remember loads except green £ symbols, buttons were square (not oblong/rectangle) and above the reels. Start button was dark green with start in black letters. What I remember most is the gamble feature which was on a reel, with happy & sad face and a no entry sign.
  13. Thanks riche, some good posts and pics here. Happy days
  14. Hi Guys, Dazza here, grew up in a pub with old jpm machines then spent loads of time in the arcades on the east coast through the 80’s. Like the old jpm machines, mpu 2 and 3, some later stuff from Red gaming and one or 2 mayday themed machines
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