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  1. Thanks for posting that Rich I have been after some idea of how the bottom glass looks on a silver shuffle for months now.
  2. The battery is for the Memory and internal meters (RAM). Which means it will go flat over time if it is not plugged in every now and again, and can also degrade with age.
  3. 10 ups big brother! Looks clean for its age.
  4. Thanks for putting this together:)
  5. If it was trying to pay out more than what was in the hopper, then that would cause the machine to go in to a tizzy. You could try this: Open up the back, put in a refill key and add some coins to it, (REFILL 1PNDX 0)[Press start] then close it back up again, or if you have 350 coins handy, you could fill up the hopper (HOPPER LEVEL)[press start] and then press the top up button inside somewhere.
  6. Why not download it from DIF? https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/340-mfme/
  7. Thanks for the links Riche:) I really miss the old days of Blackpool (70's-80's) As a teenager I used to try and play as many fruit machines as possible, in as many arcades as possible. Then I would spend as long as possible in the fun house on the pleasure beach. Last time I went to the pleasure bitch....I mean beach. I lost as much as possible, in as short a time as possible! I had to chuckle at the winter gardens bit in the video. I remember going to an arcade expo there in around 1999. I took a friend of mine with me, and was asked to sign him in. I had to think of a fake role fo
  8. AKA the Pounder! Exactly the same. I used to have one of these, as it brought back memories of playing it on the local fair. I was really disappointed when I worked out that it won't ever hold on a jackpot. This machine was one of the fastest solenoid payouts ever!
  9. If it is one of the following techs, then yes. Ace System 1 Ace Ace SPACE Ace Video Adder 5 Astra A1 Blackbox CoinMaster Electrocoin Electro Mechanical Epoch IGT S+ IGT S2000 Impact Inder M1AB M1 Video Mach 2000E Mach 2000A MMM MPS 2 MPU2 MPU3 MPU4 MPU 4 Video MPU 4 Plasma MPU 5 PCL Maxi Pheonix Pheonix 2 Pluto 5 Procon Scorpion 1 Scorpion 2 Scorpion 4 Scorpion 5 SRU System 5 System 80 SYstem83 System85
  10. V20.x was the final version for MFME (win 10 only). You would have to go to http://www.desertislandfruits.com as that is the main site for MFME, and the only place that legitimately hosts v20.x
  11. Take a picture on your phone, and post it up along with dimensions if you get stuck. The font might be one of the Century family.
  12. I am sure you could make your own on https://www.tinkercad.com/ and send the file to someone with a 3D printer. It would probably only cost about 20p to print.
  13. For XP you can only use pre v19. I think the latest version that ran on XP was 6.1. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/116-mfme/ It may also be in the MFME section on here?
  14. The last time I played this was in a pub in Ashton. Needless to say, I was still sober at the end of the night.
  15. Pin 1 top left from what I remember.
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