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  1. Hi, Does anyone know what the 2 red 7 green flashes means on a rio mpu5? I cant seem to buy a manual online anywhere for this type of machine. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. All the white wires had 0 resistance maybe 0.05 and the red wire had a higher resistance. The sec meter was working and showing a reading on the screen but the mpu comes back as a lcd meter fail I was told which is meter. The machine says mpu offline but the pc and mpu and game card have been tested on a rig and were all working together fine. Once back in the cabinet it comes up mpu offline which leaves on the sec meter at fault i am told to stop it booting
  3. I am getting error code 2 red 7 green which I was told is the meter but I cant seem to find a rio manual anywhere. If anyone could help regarding the meter that would be great
  4. Hi Guys, My mpu is flashing a code saying lcd meter is at fault. It is displaying a value so Im not sure whether it is at fault. I have tested resistance on the loom and thats fine. I was wondering if the replacement meter has to have the same numbers on it as pictured below or just similar. Many Thanks
  5. A new board that has to be reflex due to damage from battery leaking before it was flywired
  6. Yes its a video reflex dual screen, It says heber on the sticker and pluto 6 on the microchip thats what It needs replaced I am told
  7. Its a pluto 6 that came out of the machine so I guess only that would work
  8. Im not sure I would assume a working board would go straight in to another reflex machine but I may be wrong. I know that pluto 6 from different manufacturers aren’t interchangeable but if its a reflex I cant see why not
  9. Hi Guys, I wanted to know if theres anyone out there who has a working reflex gaming pluto 6 board they are willing to sell. Any help would be great Cheers
  10. Thankyou Il have a go with all this later when I am on my pc
  11. It is a £500 jackpot rio elvis, ok if you could that would be great, thanks for the help and advice
  12. I dont, I only have this machine and a reflex machine which isnt working at present. Im sending the pc and mpu and card to maggi for them to put onto their rig and see whats is happening with it. Whether the pc is at fault or what else... Seems abit puzzling
  13. Yes I sent them the game card aswell and they said it is fully working but maybe it wasnt tested and just the mpu was tested. The pc is a recon from them also so I guess there is a possibility there is a fault with the usb port on the pc. Its in the correct place according to the photo that was attached to the pc when it arrived. Seem to go round in circles with this machine
  14. Thanks, That seems to be working fine and displaying numbers on it so not sure what can be the problem. The screen on the machine is saying mpu offline error 34 but its a recon mpu from maggi, iv tried a few mpus and get the same fault coming up with each one.
  15. Hi, Please can anyone help me with an error on my rio. The red light on the mpu flashes twice and then the green 10 times. Its coming up saying mpu offline but its a new fully tested mpu from maggi so im not sure whats the problem is. There is also a audible noise it keeps repeating Thanks
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