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  1. From what i now here it should still run just slower
  2. Any barcrest cabs for sale in the south east / norfolk area under 100 or even free seen a few on facebook for free but keep missing them 😁
  3. Card now sent off for repair fingers crossed it sorts the fault 👍
  4. Take it no one ever has had this fault then and got it fixed 😁👍 here to me being a pioneer
  5. My collection is growing 😁
  6. Hi guys is a '' cpld 01 pic ???? '' error normally caused by faulty pic chip or bad program board ? Many thanks 😁😁
  7. What would be the shown signs of running a machine with the wrong ram mpu5 it was made for
  8. There is a blue board and a green board both with capacitors
  9. As there seems 3 diffrent board colors or is that just a age thing
  10. Ahh i see how many versions of the mpu5 are there ?
  11. How do you know the diffrents between the bigger ram and smaller ram ive noticed some boards are dark green and some are like off brown green color is that a indicator
  12. jezz look at the speed of that erasing and programing mine was way slower then that is that down to the ram on mpu5 ?
  13. Says its a private video mate
  14. Not sure if this guide has already been done but i was looking on how to do it and could not find anything so here is my guide First get your compact flash card and plug it in your card reader on your laptop or pc When the drive loads up right click it and go to format then format it to fat32 if the card is larger then 32gb You will need to use a 3rd party format program as windows wont format to fat32 over 32gb. Once the card has been formatted to fat32 you can then copy and past or drag and drop your game specific bin file Then go down to the cf drive by the laptop cloc
  15. Nope the replacment card is a mk2 flash card my machine had mk3 flash card with rtc
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