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  1. Update on the project: - Removed the battery and cleaned everything up. Some of the lines are visible now, but I dont think that will cause an issue? Still checking a lot of components, but I cannot find the fault yet. Also a question, what state should the switches be in at the EAM part? Should they all be ON or OFF?
  2. Hi all! I've bought my first old gambling machine with a scorpion board. I am trying to bring it back to life, because I would love to have this beauty on display in my man cave! However I am running into some issues, and I was hoping for someone to guide me in the right direction. I have replaced the two big capacitors on the power unit, and now it powers on fine. However when I push in the back door switch (to emulate a closed door), it shorts the 10A fuse on the power supply. Even when I've disconnected everything except the motherboard, so I think there's an issue with th
  3. Hi all! I've stumbled across this forum when searching for information about my 1997 scorpion MBU. I'm amazed by the amount of active people on this forum. It's a niche that I didn't knew excisted. I just recently got into old school slot machines, because I bought a broken one for in my man cave. So, hello everyone and greetings from Belgium! 😀
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