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  1. Picked this up last night, 1950s Hanno Royal Roullett. Its slowly starting to come back to life.
  2. NR1

    raspberry pi

    I wish i had the intelligence and ability to do something like this, but my gut feeling is surely an arduino or raspberry PI with an I/O interface bolted on could be programmed to act like an epoch motherboard. As far as i understand all the other boards in the system are taking care of the actual working bits i,e lamp board controls lamps based on the I/O signal and reel board controls the reels etc etc.
  3. Thanks, waiting on a digital microscope to arrive and then I will take a better look. Any tips on neutralising the rot
  4. Just ran the test, it's not picking up the Dip as you say.
  5. Doesn't seem to want to go into a demo mode, just keeps telling me a doors open
  6. Although its not retaining its memory now lol! 😂. Battery has got power and is connected so god knows whats going on now, at least it boots and plays, will take that as a win for now Free machine + £105 in parts later that is 🤣,
  7. Whats the correct procedure to put it into a demo mode? I tried switching it on with cash door open as other epoch manuals suggest and it just just booted up and told me the cash door was open.
  8. Does anyone know if it has a demo mode? Have tried switching switch 14 on and booting with door open and that didn't work.
  9. Having been in the same position, I found there's no one willing to take on a repair on these boards. If you have a problem solving brain & soldering iron skills you are in with a chance however.
  10. Shes alive! Seems the poor sound was either down to the missing -12v or the lamp board 20201113_151412.mp4
  11. Are these two boards interchangeable? The one stop board is the original from the machine
  12. so it was a dead machine, guy had it in his garage unplugged for over a year and wanted shot because it didnt work, battery was dead on the board with some track damage around the battery but managed to get round that by soldering to the board ground and positive side of R3. Once that was done the machine booted and played fine except the Alpha didnt display anything. Left it like that and played it for a day with no problems. Next day went to have a play and noticed the cabinet filling up with smoke, flipped the top open and the alpha was smoking and a capacitor on the back of the alpha went
  13. will see what happens with it when the new psu and lamp board turn up, a new amp chip is only £3 so i might replace it and see what happens,
  14. I wont be too disappointed if the new PSU and lamp board dont fix it now then. Shame the MPUs are so hard to find. I am wondering if somehow the sound amp on the board has blown during its moment of going pop all over.
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