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  1. Simon Sevens

    777 Heaven

    What mpu do these run on launton. They made over 10000 of these but I can’t find one picture of the inside.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Slot-Machine-replacement-glasses-to-your-own-custom-design-made-to-order-/114322531464 Custom work too.
  3. Yea some jukes I worked on had Christmas lights in especially the tall free standing digital ones before led’s came out. In the picture the bottom part of the door had either white or multi coloured lights.
  4. LoL modern day push in lights. Remember the screw in lights , didn’t matter how gentle you wrapped them the year before there would always be blown or loose bulbs the next Christmas and even though through the year no one moved them the wire would always be tangled 😆
  5. Yea could just use a switch but that takes the fun out of it...grins
  6. Im ok for manuals Andrews got em all....hahaha Are those the older bally with the wiper blades...
  7. Looks like a start point the basic code is in this machine . Might be worth a contact. link to a basic pi slot https://youtu.be/jMZp--WsQKE Pi talks to coinmech
  8. Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 + Development Kit - Raspberry-pi | CPC UK (farnell.com) There has to be a way ....use the force
  9. rare as hens teeth..... love it, never heard that one before.
  10. It’s all still there and could be put back on a machine should I ever find one with a door missing. As it is now, the lights can be removed there has been no extra holes made. I had the same thoughts when I got it. It was heading for a skip at least this way the door is safe.
  11. Welcome Steve, hope you find what your looking for.
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