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  1. RobboWolves

    1993 Pink Panther machine.

    Not working unfortunately. I’m picking it up at the weekend, hopefully an easy fix 🤞
  2. RobboWolves

    1993 Pink Panther machine.

    Looking to buy this machine from a friend. Any idea what it’s worth these days? Cheers fellas
  3. RobboWolves

    Anything from the 90s for sale?

    Hi fellas, looking to buy a fruity from the 90s. Any of you lads got anything for sale? Can collect, closer to the midlands preferable. Cheers
  4. RobboWolves


    Hi fellas, massive fruity enthusiast here. Have just converted garage into a man cave. Looking to buy something from the 90s. Thinking Rollercoaster, Simpson’s, Big Bucks, Casino Crazy or something to start my collection 👍 Rob