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  1. Today placed my new front with euro insert
  2. Hello Aschwin I am also from the Netherlands I also have the slot machine fruitman, I have sent you a message, maybe you can help me Greeting Fred
  3. Ferrrie


    I also bought glass plates from the bonus version, but that will be a future
  4. Ferrrie


    I bought a German version yesterday
  5. Ferrrie


    I found a light panel Now the motherboar
  6. Ferrrie


    This demolition company wants to renovate
  7. Ferrrie


    Hi he is incomplete, those are the parts I am looking for card for lamps and motherboard
  8. Ferrrie


    Yes, I have already spoken to him, has already given me a lot of information, the problem is that I am not from the UK but live in the Netherlands
  9. Ferrrie


    I am looking for light panel and mother board for fruitman slot machine 200 ponten versie
  10. Hello everyone I am Fred from the Netherlands I have the Fruitman slot machine, I want to make it, but I am missing some parts, I hope someone here can help. And if someone wants to sell a complete fruitman, I would also like to hear it called the 200 point version
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